Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Away we Go

In the morning we shall be on our way to Southwestern Colorado. We haven't been to that area for nearly 30 years. I have no excuse for that other than we just had other places to go. I am looking forward to seeing the area around South Fork again. I am sure it has changed drastically as all of the quaint, quiet places have that we visited for seclusion. Years ago, the Great Aunts and Uncles lived in the area but alas, they are all gone. I will think of them as we pass by.

We will be traveling with my younger sister and her husband who go to this area every chance they get. He is a fisherman and she is a wonderful photographer. Maybe I will have some pictures to post when I return. I wonder if the Elk will be in rut.....This is a sight to see and the noise is almost overpowering. I know that the bears have been troublesome in other areas that we have visited this year. I hope to see some. I don't want a close encounter with them but just a good view.

I hope to have a good story to tell when I return next week. The temperatures will be much cooler than her so I am packing my winter PJ's and warm clothes. I am looking foward to the change.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hunt is On!

We had a wonderful weekend with our family and friends. It was a 3 day weekend because of Labor Day but most of all it was the opening of Dove Season. The guys and grandsons cannot wait for the first of September as it officially is the beginning of Hunting for the rest of the year. They had a lot of luck and we are ready for a feast. Now I do not know how to cook them but....the hunters do. They also know how to clean them. That is one of my rules. My mamma taught this to me and I have not forgotten it. My mother in law never knew this rule. She gladly cleaned, and cooked whatever the men in her family brought in while they rested from their big adventure.

Now I am not oppossed to cooking it but the dressing and cleaning of thier game is just part of THE game. I do know that dove or quail marinated and cooked on the grill is very tasty but I am not even asking for the recipe. If I knew the proceedure, I would be expected to cook it. There is no reason to learn that at my age. I will let my daughters have that honor, if they choose, and I will enjoy the fruits of their labor. I did tell them the rules though so I hope that they will remember them.