Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I Saw God

Today I saw God,
As I walked across the pasture,
I saw the fawn with its mother,
The ducks leading their young to the water, and
I watched the Prairie chicken, do his courting dance.
The blessing of these sightings of His creation,
Didn't just happen by chance,
It was His gift to me, and I felt a thrilling sensation,
As I observed nature today,
And I knew, that I saw God.

Today I saw God.
As I watched the clouds roll in,
Building higher and higher, growing darker and darker,
As the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled
The wind gathered strength and sheets of water fell from the sky.
Water, replenishing a thirsty land.
Soon the wind subsided and a gentle rain fell,
All is calm again.
I know that I have seen God.

Today I saw God,
As I walked out into my Garden
I saw rows of green where I planted tiny seeds.
From these seedlings will come the fruit of Gods provision.
I ask Him to bless this garden so we can enjoy the harvest
when the snow is on the ground.
He is so awesome that He takes the smallest seed and feeds my family.
Yes, Today I have seen God.

Today I saw God.
As I studied my Sunday School lesson,
As the Pastor gave his sermon, and we sang hymns of praise.
I know that in His Amazing Grace,
I felt a rapture in my heart as I thought of the blood that was shed for me,
A sinner, forgiven, because of His abounding Love.
In all of this, I know
That today I have seen God.

God bless you on this Sunday evening.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Morning God

Good Morning God, I just want to thank you for this beautiful morning. I love sitting on my front porch and taking in the wonders of your creation on this Spring day. The Rancher left early to get parts for the swather so my morning is not so rushed as I am preparing to meet with my Bible Study group. Thank you so much for this time.

As I sit here I can see the robins, Scissor Tails, the orioles, and the flycatchers flitting about gathering breakfast for their young. I see the baby finches in their nests on the carport and mamma is busy flying in and out. It is an endless job feeding them but I think they will soon be gone as they are fully feathered. I really didn't want them to nest above my car, but thank you for giving them that spot. I just moved the car and have enjoyed watching them. I can hear the pheasants out in the field across the road. God, you just made so many beautiful birds, how did you think of all of those colors?

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. There is a gentle wind blowing. I know that it will be gusting before the day is over, but we need that for the wheat to ripen. It will be harvest time before long. Thank you for the beautiful fields. After the dry winter, we were skeptical about having wheat, but you provided the moisture at just the right time. We are no longer wheat harvesters, but put the forage up for hay for our many cattle to have in the winter months. Thank you for your provision.

Most of all I thank you again for the Son you sent so that I maight have Salvation. We take so much for granted but everything we have and do comes from you. Thank you for porviding all of this and thank you for allowing us to being a part of it. I just praise you in the name of Jesus. Amen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just have a few thoughts today. I am sure they are things that you have wondered about. Some of these are found in one of my editions of UNCLE JOHN'S ABSOLUTELY ABSORBING BATHROOM READER. What? Your have never read this wonderful book. Actually there are several editions and they are a must to have in the bathroom for those who like to sit and read.(not me) It is also a great book to have at the bedside table in the guest room.

Don't you think Blondes do have more fun? Have you ever seen a brunette with blonde roots?

The name "Looney Tunes" is a takeoff on Walt Disney's popular 1930's cartoon series, "Silly Symphonies."

"Whenever I hear about a peacekeeping force, I wonder:If they're so interested in peace, why do they use force?"

President Wilson believed 13 was his lucky number. He once ordered a ship to slow down so he would arrive in Europe on the 13th instead of the 12th.

The 3 most influential pets of the Millennium:Lassie, Snoopy and Arnold the Pig.

Things you shouldn't say when a cop pulls you over:
1. "Aren't you the guy from the Village People?"
2. "That's Great. The last guy only gave me a warning too."
3. "You're not going to check the trunk, are you?"
4. "Hey, you must have doing 100 to catch me."
5. "I thought you had to be in good physical shape to be a cop."

Quotes from famous people:

"You might be interested to know that the Scriptures are on our side" Ronald Reagan
"Too bad 90% of the politicians give the other 10% a bad reputation." H.Kissinger
"Ive got a lot to learn about Washington.Why, yesterday I spent some of my own money."
Sen. Fred Thompson
"You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think." Milton Berle

And Finally, here's a little food for thought:
Peanut butter sandwiches weren't popular until the 1920's.
Queen termites can lay an egg every second or 86,000 eggs a day.
If you lined up all the Slinkys ever made in a row,they'd wrap the earth 126 times.
Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state.

Now didn't you want to know all of that? Didn't that make your day a little more fun?
Buy the Book, at least one of them, and when you have absolutely nothing else to do, fill your mind with nonsense.

The Circus

I have told you about the "Little Rascals" in the small town where I lived as a child. Today, I am going to write a new episode about their adventures. Growing up in a small town in the early 1950's was a wonderful time. There was never a thought of some evil thing happening to a child, as we knew everybody in town and everybody watched out for us. They also were part of our adventures.

On a yearly basis, The Circus came to town. This was a very small circus with a few elephants, acrobats, monkeys, and some trick ponies. They also brought the wonderful cotton candy and snow cone machine that was a wonder to us. I still remember my first experience with cotton candy. The big puffy bite that I took was nothing in my mouth. I loved the magic of it.

Our gang was not one to wait around for the annual circus. Maybe its coming or going inspired us as we created a "circus" of our own. We had our own talents to show off. Rover was adorned in a fur collar from some mothers old coat and placed in the crate on our wagon and he became a vicious "Lion". I am not sure he liked the trip around the square in town, but he lead the parade. One daring young man walked his stilts and we had clowns, jugglers, acrobats, and my sister could twirl a baton. We made signs announcing our performance times and place and marched around the square in town with all of the confidence in the world. The Circus was coming to Town!!!!

Several children came to the back yard circus to see our talents and we even had a few adults, who were kind even if they didn't belong to any of us. They were just looking for a little entertainment. You see, this was even before the days of TV. It was a time when everyone sit on the front porch and knew the people and children in the neighborhood. I don't remember what we charged, if anybody had real money, but you could get in for the price of soda bottles. At that time we could take them to the local grocer and get 2 pennies for them.....I think we charged two bottles per person. Whatever it was, didn't matter, we were having fun and were the stars for the evening. Would children dare to have a parade around the square in town today? Would they have to have a permit, get and escort, and have the street blocked off?
I am glad that I had the opportunities that I did. What a great time to be a kid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What the heck is an X Box???

I am in the wrong generation. I do not know what anyone is talking about, about half of the time. My grandkids just look at me like I am a little senile and my kids are sure that I am. I know that when I was a kid, we played a tag game and we had a big circle with a big X in it to put all of our captives. Is that an X box? Well, no of course not, but what in the world is it?

And a blackberry used to be what made up my favorite pie and jam but today it is something of a cell phone or whatever, I don't know. I think I am going to have one of my grandchildren move in with me for a course this summer so I can learn something of the technical generation.

But do I really want to? Probably not!! I am really happy just where I am, and that is probably why I am not learning anything new. I like my rut. It is rather comfortable and all of my friends are here with me. Well, most of them anyway.

I know a few things that my grandkids don't know. They don't even know what a fender skirt is. Maybe they don't even know what a fender is. And what about a steering knob. Remember those? Boy was that a nifty thing to use. My mom always called the accelerator, the foot feed. Now what would my grandkids think of that? There was also a continental Kit on the back of some cars. Do you know what that was?

What about the gramophone? That is what Grandma called my record player. My kids called it a stereo or boom box. Now it has gone from a cassette player to a CD player to a I Pod, whatever that is. Grandma even had to wind her machine up with a crank on the side. We had electricity and we really made an impression when we got our first transister radio. We couldn't get anything on it in our isolated area, but we had one!! Do you think kids know what a 45 is, or a 78. No, it is not some kind of a gun. It is what I played on my record player along with my LP's.

On Saturday afternoon, or night we went to the picture show. That just sounds a little more exciting than the Movie. I mean you were really going to see something great. Probably Gene Autry, or Roy Rogers on a good Saturday afternoon. If we were lucky we would have 15 cents to buy popcorn and a coke. Yep, we could get a sack of popcorn and coke for that. That was hard earned money though but that is another story.

Well so much about what I don't know. I could write forever but I don't know what to write about since I don't know anything. Blaaa, blaaa, yackity yackity......

Monday, May 11, 2009


Why do I always hit the wrong button. You will see an entry titled SISTERS and there will be nothing there. This is it!!

Yesterday, (Mother's Day) I spent time with my family. I spent time with the Ranchers Mother too. We fixed a lovely dinner for her to have at our house after church. I even used the good china and the beauthful silverware (not stainless) that the Rancher's parents bought for us for a wedding gift. It was a wonderful meal. The Rancher even made a cake. He asked what to do, so I told him, and he did it. At this time in his life, he made his very first cake and it was great. You know that anyone who can read, can cook. There is no excuse for not cooking, unless you are just lazy. So there, I have said something I have wanted to say for awhile.

Anyhow, later in the afternoon, we journeyed to the neighboring County seat and had a cookout with my Mother and my siblings. I have two brothers and two sisters and a sister-in-law who is my sister. We took the meat, the others brought the side dishes and my Baby brother did a great job on the grill. Hey the beans, dip, eggs and the Cherry Pie were delicious too. Good job guys.

Now the guys go into the TV room and I don't know what they do, but who wants to watch TV with my sisters around. They are crazy. We have a new job for my younger sister but I am not sure she is going to do it. We think she should be the "Official Park Police" in her town. She lives right across the street and is very concerned about the happenings in the park. She has sometimes had to go remind the boys of the community about how to treat their lovely facilities.

We offered to make her a T-shirt with a logo of 'PARK POLICE' and buy her a toy sheriff badge to wear when she is about her duties. Hey, we even offered to get her a clip board with some official looking paper to take names on. I don't think she is game for it but we had a lot of good laughs. Our mother, who wouldn't want me tell how old she is, just looked at us like we were out of our minds. Sometimes we are a little crazy when we get together.

I do want to tell you that I have some great sisters though. My older sister, just makes the best pies. (I could write a blog about that) and she loves to make jewelry. When she spends her free time living the life of a retiree in her RV, she learns a lot of new things. Beading is her new love and she does lovely work.She is also great at home decor. My younger sister, still works but does a great job gardening and is creative in whatever she does. I am most proud of her new goal, You see, she is a breast cancer survivor and in November she is going to do the "60 Mile Walk for the Cure" in Dallas. She and her friend are in training, and I know she will make it. My other sister,(the one my brother brought home) shared her home with us yesterday. She is so creative. She is a yard sale nut and she has so many neat things, She has a great creative eye and knows just what to do with a piece of junk. Her home and yard show her abilities Hey, I need to have them all come and and spend a day at my house. I think I will make a list and pile the jonk and let them get with it.

I guess that I should also mention Mom here, She is the one who made us sisters who we are today. I know that she was the one who taught me how to cook, the importance of making my bed AS SOON AS YOU GET OUT OF IT and keeping the dishes done. She also taught me that a mothers love is giving to her children and doing without things herself. She taught me that it was okay to take the afternoon off and go to the lake and take all of my friends swimming. She let me be a free spirit and roam the pastures and the river, and knew that we would be okay. (this was even before walkie talkies). She taught me to drive the car, even if I wasn't old enough. She taught me how to make dessert for Sunday dinner (when I was about 7). Hey, the list goes on so I had better quit chattering.

I jsut wanted to let everyone know how great the girls in my family are. You already Know that I have great daughters, If you don't, I will tell you about them sometime.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The bus driver

Did you know that I am a school bus driver. Well, I am a retired one but spent a lot of years in the drivers seat taking all of the kids in this rural community on a 50 mile round trip twice a day. I actually enjoyed it. I watched the sun come up everyday and often watched it set in the evening as I was driving down the road. That is an understatement though. The sun would shine directly in my face both directions. I drove East in the mornings and west on the homeward ride.

I have a lot of fun memories of driving the bus and some that are not so funny. You learn a lot about what goes on at home when no one thinks you are listening. Actually the ride to town was usually a quiet one though as everyone would take a nap right after they finished their breakfast. Hey, some of these kids got on before 7:00a.m.. Life was tough. Some of them actually had to get out of bed and do chores. Some trips were marred by the definite aroma of fresh manure from the barn and "I didn't have time to change my shoes". The smell of cow manure couldn't compare to fresh dog poop though.

I also drove kids to different functions. Taking kids to Tri-State Music Festival and hauling cheerleaders to the game were some of my most memorable times. The only time that I was ever mooned was when a car load of boys bared it all to my bus load of cheerleaders as we were entering our nearby city one evening. I often wondered if something had brought that on.

Today, I saw one of my favorite passengers. He was an only child of a single mom and was quite a story teller. You couldn't tell when he was telling the truth or not. I always thought that he wanted his stories to be true because they came from his heart. What little boy didn't want a big brother!!! One of the highschool boys finally conceded to be his brother and he was one happy kid. Today he has a little brother and a cowboy dad. His fantasy finally came true.

I wish that some of mine would!!! I have always wanted to be skinny. I am afraid only I can make that happen though.

We have prayed for rain and have been so blessed. But at this point, I don't think that I could ever live in Seattle. I also like the sunshine. God is in charge though and I am thankful for that.

Go to Andi's Ramblings and see the woes that she has because of all the rain. Thank You God for putting me on this hill top.