Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Fluff in my Dryer

Do you every wonder about all of the lint in your dryer? Sometimes I wonder why after all of these washings and dryings, I have any clothes left. Maybe it is because on nicer days and in warm weather, I hang my clother on the clothesline in my back yard.

There is nothing that smells better that sheets dried on the line. They may be a little crisper than drier sheets get them but I am for crisp, fresh smelling sheets.

Back to the lint. Webster explains it like this:

Lint (n) 1. a staple cotton fiber to make yarn. 2. minute bits of ravelings or minute shreds of yarn; bits of thread. 3. cotton waste product from ginning. 4. a soft material for dressing wounds.

In all of these definitions, I do not see what defines the fluff in my dryer. Maybe cotton waste from Drying??? Or maybe it is the waste from the washing. I know this is rediculous to even wonder about but my mind if just about that stable today.
I really do wonder when my favorite jeans, that are only 4 years old, are going to be completely gone in fluff.

If I would save all of the lint waste in the dryer from drying jeans would I be able to make another pair if I would weave it into new fabric?

I certainly wouldn't want to use it to dress any wounds. I think it would not hold together.

I think the best use for it is to start the fire in the fireplace or let the birds line their nests with it. What do you think?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ponderings of my Mom

Today is January 10. Ten days into this new year and I haven't had a post. I have had a lot on my mind and much to do. This year did not start out as I had wanted it to. On January 1st my precious mother had a big stroke that has affected her left side and her swallowing. This has not been an easy time for my siblings or myself. Mom is 88 years young. She has always been such a trooper and so very conscientious of everything that would have an effect of her body and health. It is hard to see her in the condition she is in. She is my Mom. She will always be the one I look to for advice and approval. In my mind I am still the little girl when she is around. Where did all of the time go and when did it happen? My mother is fragil and I myself am not young. Now my own daughters are the ones with the strength and energy.

I remember the fun times. We were not a family of means but mom knew how to make us wonderful meals with her imagination. She could feed our family of 7, with a pound of hamburger for 3 meals. I am not kidding. She created meals that would make hamburger helper look meager. After two great creations she could take the last of the hamburger and make hamburger gravy. It was delicious on her homemade biscuits.
Our family didn't know that beans weren't good food. We loved them and we had to as we ate them at least twice a week. Served up with a pan of corn bread and fried potatoes and onions.....What could be better. Of course, I don't know about fancy foods but who cares, I know about good food.

Mom sewed, gardened, had a rooming house and raised us kids with the help of our dad. Dad was gone most of the time on his job with the DOT though. She was the one who was there every day.

It doesn't seem fair that there is nothing I can do for her at this time in her life. It is all in God's hands. We pray. We pray for wisdom, strength and ability to say the right words.

Mom loved to swim. She grew up with a swimming hole close by and she made sure we all knew how to swim. She would take us to the local lake or public swimming pool and spend the afternoon having fun. I don't know who enjoyed it more...she or all of the kids she took. She also taught us how to dance. She loved it. With her fun, she knew all about hard work. She expected us to do our share.

When I was in the 7th grade, my mom bought new shoes. She didn't get them very often as she had 5 kids. The one pair of shoes that I had broke and she gave me hers. We had the same size and they were a loafer style. She said she really didn't need them as bad as I did. I have thought of that often over the years. A mother always wants her children to have the things they need.

Through the years, times were better and Mom could afford a lot of things but she is a frugal person and does not see that she needs some things. One thing she is extravagant about....Shoes.....She is always looking for a new pair. I am glad.

Pray for my mother and cherish your own. They are precious.