Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Presidents

Well, you may have noticed that I had a picture posted yesterday. That was a first for me. You see, I am not at all technical minded. I can type, play games, surf the net and read my mail. I am a visual person though and sometimes all of these directions are just plain Greek to me. Out of necessity, and because I felt so foolish, I decided that I had to learn how to post pictures. Hey, guess what, I even downloaded the pictures from the Black Hills and various other places for the past several months onto my computer from my camera.

Let's see if I can remember just how I did that.....Well, I remembered how to get the picture on this post, but I wanted to put it here. Oh well, Maybe I will get it all together someday. Anyhow this is our view of Mt. Rushmore as we drove along the needle highway. It was a beautiful drive and maybe I will get brave and do some more on it later.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on conquering something new! Love ya P

Dawn said...

Woohoo--posted pictures AND downloaded from your camera! I'm so proud of you. You can do it!