Friday, August 13, 2010

Why I Never Get Anything Done

Last night as I went to bed, my thoughts were in high gear about what I was going to do today. I had a list and I had a plan. I went to bed at 9:30 because I was so tired. This heat really drains me.

At exactly 7 A.M. this morning I awoke. This is one hour past my normal time. I am already behind with the schedule that I had made for myself. After breakfast, devotion, and a short chat with The Rancher, I decided to tackle the kitchen. Before I started, I found someone had brought me peaches so they had to be taken care of. It is now 9 o'clock. I talk to Andi and find out about the sick granddaughter, this takes 15 minutes. This is my vitamin A for the day, gets me started. After I hang up I clean off all of the kitchen cabinets. I stash so many things on them. I don't know why I don't just put things away in the first place.
The phone rings--It is Mom. She thanks me for the visit yesterday and we chat for 10 minutes. I sweep the kitchen floor, the entryway and front bathroom. While I am in the bathroom, I clean it.

Back to the is now 10:30. The Rancher wants early lunch. I prepare some fresh vegetables and peel potatoes. I fix chicken fried steak while the potatoes are cooking. I quickly mop the kitchen. LOVE THAT SWIFFER. Finish lunch and load the dishwasher. I have bought a new kitchen faucet and hope to install it today.

The Rancher wants to go to the local quick stop and have a soda and see if there is anyone to visit with. I go along. The thermometer on the porch says 107.8 the one in the truck says 108. IT IS HOT!!!! When we get home it is 4:30. My sweetie prepares to install the faucet. YEA!!! We get it installed with no mishaps and no extra pieces. Our Son comes in and wonders what was wrong with the old one. I told him if he thought it was so nice he could put it in his kitchen. He declined. My sister calls. We talk about her garage sale tomorrow. My husbands mom calls.

I did get some of the things accomplished, but not half of them. What I did do was visit with my daughter, Mom, husband, the neighbors at the Quick Stop and later Son, my sister and my other Mother. So it was a good day.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a good day to me! And YAY for you new faucet!!!!! And I don't get stuff done because of all my virtual visiting!

Andi said...

Hooray! A new faucet!!!

My word verification: bragn: I would be bragn with pictures of my new faucet!