Thursday, February 12, 2009


Colored hearts on the pages of my Big Chief Tablet
"Be Mine" printed boldly, then dropped into the big box
At the back of the classroom
For my first Grade friends.

Big Hearts cut from the Wallpaper Samples
Pasted on a paper doily-
"I Love you Mama and Daddy" printed on the top
Given in great excitement.

A book of Valentines, from the Drugstore on the Square-
My first boughten ones with great verses that read:
"We would be a peachy pear (with fruit).
Or the cow who was in the mooood to be my valentine.

A little more thought was put into the verse:
I'll sing a little song
Underneath the vine
I've loved you all along
My own sweet Valentine.

Valentines day was always a special day
To show someone that you cared
By sending one a card of hearts,
Or candy, if you dared.
Older sweethearts sent mushy lines
That said "How I love You"
Or a girl might get a ring, and a vase of roses too.

But when you are just a kid
And it is Valentines Day
You really do not understand
About giving your heart away.
But then, you meet Jesus
Who shows you of your sin
And you open up your heart and let His love pour in.

If you give your heart to Jesus,
He fills us with His love
It is the greatest love of all
And it comes from God above.
We lift Him up with Praise and Song
He says "I am the Vine
I have loved you all along,"
He is my Valentine.

Happy Valentine Day to You.


Andi said...

Aaawww! I love your poem!

Dawn said...

I love it!