Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Club Meeting

Aren't you thankful for the friends that you have? Wouldn't it be sad if there was no one that you could truely call friend. I am thankful for the frineds in my life. There are some that I have had for a long time and some that are new, but they are all precious to me. Some of my friends all belong in the same circle of friendship and have been involved in the same things for a long time. Some are from the pages of my past and their faces and memories come into my mind often as I grow older and seem to reminiscence over things of days gone by. AM I GETTING OLD OR WHAT?

I spent the day with friends at my house. It was Club Day. You see, I belong to an Extension Homemakers Club and it was my time to be the hostess. I have meet with these ladies for over 40 years. The members have changed through the years. Some have passed on, some have moved away and some of us(2) are charter members that have been here from the beginning. We were young women in the community and in need of companionship of other women. In this very rural community, we needed an excuse to get together and exchange ideas, do good for the community and just have the friendship of another female. It was a new adventure. In the beginning there were 13 young women(all under 30 years of age) eager to make our community a better place to live. Today, 8 women sit around my dining table and we shared ideas of what we could do for the kids at the local stock show. We have had many projects throughout these 40 years, We are not all young anymore but rejoiced when young Jennifer joined our group because she thought what we did was worthwhile.

We have given scholarships to local students, send a girl to Oklahoma Girls State each year, prepare food for the Senior Citizens Health Fair in the fall, Feed the hungry kids at the Stock Shows, Plant trees and the area lake, prepare the flower beds at the County museum, make neck strips for the soldiers, make pajamas for them and send them care packages during the year. The list goes on and on. I am not bragging but what I say is that all of this is possible with these friends that I am involved with.

We also try to be the "Good News Gossips". Now that is, We are just to share good news about each other and our neighbors. Colossians 4:5 says, "Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one". And that is what we shall strive to do.

After our meeting adjourned, several of us went to the local voting precinct and did our civic duty by casting our vote for a new school board member and the taxes concerning the ambulance service in our county.

I do thank God for friends. I especially thank Him for my best friend, Jesus. His is the one who I can always turn to and who is always there with the Good News. Have you met him? If not go to Andi's Ramblings and she will tell you how to get acquainted.

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Dawn said...

Cool! I can never remember a time when we didn't go to 'Club!' Not many people now have friends that they have lived near for that long.