Friday, June 19, 2009

Things that my kids taught me.

Oh how I wish that I had kept a journal of all the things that I learned from my children when they were small. That was long ago but I do remember some of them.

When my oldest, The Librarian, was little, she wanted to grow up and have big legs just like mine. I was horrified that she thought my legs were so big, and then I realized that she wanted to be tall. She was tiny for her age. She also thought that we were all stuffed with cotton. Her beloved Mrs. Beasley was as was Raggedy Ann. Surely we were stuffed with cotton too.

I also learned that the Pledge of allegiance ended with the phrase"and to the republican where witches stand and liver and jelly for all. This same child also asked where Florientar was. I had never heard of that place but after much questioning, I learned that it was where the Three of Kings came from You know, We three kings of Orient Are. Doesn't that make sense. One day after the death of a grandparent, Son, who this paragraph is about, declared that Grandma would be alright, as he was sure that God would have plenty of Angel food Cake for her to eat. He was about 5 years old at this time.

The Professor was quite a talker, She still is for that matter. In her early years, she was quite dutchy and sometimes we didn't always understand what she said. It was just so cute when she started calling everyone Buster. She was always wanting to be the center of attention and she sure was the day I fully heard and understood what she was saying. Why! It wasn't Buster at all but a rather foul word, that wasn't even said at our house. That was a hard habit to break. After an explaination that it wasn't nice and a taste of dish soap when she continued to insist on using it, she finally conceded. She was always a story teller too and is today. She is the one who reported to the community about her dad being shot in the leg and arrested. Apparently a speeding ticket just wasn't very exciting so she added her own color to it.

The Nurse, was and still is a talker and you better listen to her. She doesn't cut any slack. She demands your full attention when she talks to you. When you are driving down the road and she is beside you, you had better acknowledge her yacking. She will get your attention one way or another. From her I learned that God colors so pretty and He never even gets out of the lines. I also learned that instant pudding is a whole lot better that cooked. She didn't even know that they cooked pudding until she went to school. What kind of mother was I to let my child make instant pudding whenever she wanted. She even taught me that you could finger paint with it.

There are other stories to tell but I suppose that I have embarressed them enough. Today, they are still teaching me things. Most of it I need to know, I am not so good at learning new things, but I know that God made us all special and stuffed us with His love and I hope that he does have plenty of Angel food cake when we get to Heaven.

Have a happy week end.


Dawn said...

that was funny! Just think, if we were stuffed with cotton, we could take some out easily when we got to 'stuffed.'

Loved the pledge of allegience!

Andi said...

How sweet! Have a great trip!