Monday, October 26, 2009

Because I Am The MOM!!!

Because I am The Mom!!! The words of my own mother echo back to me as I say those words to my own grown Son. One never stops being the Mom even when your children are grown, have children of their own and probably even when THEY have grandchildren. You will always be the MOM. Being the Mom gives you many priviledges and also SHOULD put you at a place of authority in the peck order of the family. MAYBE!!! Sometime my place seems very small. I feel that as I get older, my place has slipped further and further away. I know that this is not true but sometimes being THE MOM means that much is expected of you.

To be right truthful, I love being the Mom but I want to be relieved of some of the responsibilities that go with it. I thought that when everyone left home and went our on their own, that there would not be so much to worry about as far as my children were concerned. WRONG!! The truth is, You might worry more. Your children are not where you can take care of them and protect them everyday. They have moved to some place half way across the continent with the love of their life and are not at all concerned that Mom may be at home worrying about you as you go driving off, All by yourself. Did my own mother worry or did she give a sigh of relief that some of her flock had finally spread their wings and went out on their own.

Did my great grandmothers worry when their daughters climbed into a covered wagon and went across the prairie with a young man to a place they had never heard of. Probably so, but as they had done the same, they knew the dangers and the rewards. They also knew that it was time for them to be on their own.

My daughters have all made this change. They are also MOMS so they know the worry and joy of watching your children as they go through all of the changes and development stages of their lives. My son still lives near. He is a divoriced man and can take care of himself. HA :^) He does do his own laundry, clean his house, and works with Dad in the fields and with the cattle but who do you think he comes to when he wants to EAT??? I am the Mom and he thinks every meal should come from my kitchen. He also thinks I should be responsible for other things, but guess what!!!
I'M THE MOM AND I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!! I have reminded him that a mother cat runs away sometimes when she is wanting to be away from her young and I think I am about ready to do that.

Okay, now I have vented about that enough. I do love being a Mom, sometimes I need a lot of prayers though and I know that God gives me the strength that I need to get through some things.

Being a Mom is really great but I can tell you a truth---Being a grandmother is a whole new game. I love it.


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Either that, or the tom cat (dad) tricks the young into leaving, and I don't want to know what he does once he leads them off...But the kitten is gone...And I'm sure that the mama cat is secretly glad.

Ummm...How awful am I?