Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a dogs life---Or is it?

Sometimes I feel sorry for dogs. They are so dependent on us, their masters. They are always following us around and being under foot. They crane their necks to see what the next thing we drop on the floor for them will be. They are happy for all of the little morsels that we drop and are always begging for just a little more. Sometimes they are impatient with us when we do not meet their needs as quickly as they want us to.

I guess, to a domestic dog or cat, we must look like giants. Mostly what they see of us are our feet, legs and the underneath side or the bottom of everything. They must think a table looks a lot different than we do. They don't see the top side of it. We see a larger picture of everything than a dog does. Even more than us---God sees a much larger picture. He sees the entire world and universe that He has created and knows what is going to happen at any time.

When our pets get tangled up in their leash, run out of water or food, we are the ones to take care of them They depend on us to meet their needs. They sometimes get impatient and whine around waiting for us to get things done. They might even get a little irritable.

Like our pets, sometimes we get ourselves tangled up in the things of life. We do things that we shouldn't and whine around about the mess that we are in. God listens to our whining around and sometimes teaches us to have a little patience. Sometimes we just see no way out, with the limited view that we have. Just like our animal friends, we need someone bigger to take care of ur needs. Some of the mountains in our lives are just a grain of sand to God. As we take care of our pets, God takes care of us. Too often, we whine and expect more than God is ready to give us. He knows what is good for us and gives to us according to His desires and our needs instead of giving us the never ending supply that we often demand. We should be greatful for the abundance that He blesses us with.

I am glad that I am not a dog or a cat. For one thing, I like to take a good shower every day. I wouldn't want to have to meet my hygiene needs as an animal does. I rely on God as my pets rely on me. I can talk to Him at all times. He knows my needs and my limitations. I suspect that He expects more out of me that I give though. I need to work on that. What about You?

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