Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The strength of my Neighborhood.

Living in a very rural area has many reqards but, it also has it's trials. As rural people, we are very dependant on each other. The nearest town is a small one 17 miles on the Texas side of the line and the nearest hospital is 34 miles away. This hospital will check you over and send you on down the road if there is much wrong.

it is the people of this community that make it a wonderful place to live. We are there for each other in all things. Even before the rural fire departments were developed, everyone, young and old, men and women would get the gear that was needed and do their part. Often I used a wet burlap sack and a shovel while my husband took the tractor and plow and did his part. This was a way of life. Now days, I just fix sandwiches and do my part from a check point with the other women.

There are fewer people in this community than when I came here as a bride. Young people go where there are jobs and money. One knows that they will never be rich out here but let me tell you, riches do not always come as you dream of. It isn't the material things that count. It the mountain of friends that show up to help a neighbor when things go amiss. Holding them in their sorrow in the loss of a loved one, praying for them in times of need, helping get a crop in, or work with the cattle when there is sickness, and more often than this, it is just sharing a time during the day with each other on the phone, in the middle of the road, or over a cup of coffee. We are neighbors and family and friends. We need each other as we pass through time. As I age, I know this to be more so now than it was 45 years ago.

Jesus reminded us to Love our neighbor. He also taught that we are to be charitable, in our deeds before man. As we know that our Father in heaven takes care of each one of us, we are to do our part and take care of each other. In doing this we are also serving Him.

So here we are, So many of our neighbors are sick, getting older, and some just have everyday worries, but I know this.....As God cares about the birds of the field, the grass blowing in the wind and all of the little things of this earth....He cares even more about us. We are to follow in that example and serve each other in love and thankfulness that we can.

Well, what kind of a post is this, Maybe is is depressing, but I was just reminded this morning as we waited with neighbors for an ambulance just how fragil we are and that we really are our brothers keepers.

Thank you Father for your daily care, Thank you for friends and neighbors who are there for us in our time of need. Amen

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Makes me wonder...who is gonna fill all that empty area?