Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!!!!

I can't believe it!!! This thing is fast!!! I got my Christmas present from the Rancher today. High Speed Internet----Yea, No more waiting for 5 minutes for the next window to come up. Now I can even look at the things on Utube. Unless you have had dial up or now have it, you don't know the disadvantages of it. I am thankful for the young man that spent 3 hours at my house rewiring my phone system and fixing me up. He did a great job. Now maybe I can spend a little more time figuring things out. Probably not though as I am a slow learner.

I think I am just getting slow at everything, I notices that some of you have your Christmas up, Not me, I am waiting on the spirit to inspire me and that hasn't happened. I think I need some little kids around, I used to get more done when I had 4 children at home than I do with just the Rancher and myself. I just tend to put things off though.

Have a hapy week end and finish your Christmas shopping. Maybe I will put my tree up tomorrow, if I am not playing on the internet.


Andi said...


Dawn said...

I'm excited for your internet connection!!! woohoo!

Sarah Castor said...

YAY! You can look at my photos now! And we can hear from you more!

SueZ said...

I can send you all the gaming sites, so you can get addicted, too!!!