Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Day is coming, the day is drawing near
When Santa brings the toys, and we shout Christmas cheer
We've been busy making candy, and heading for the sales,
And we watch animated versions of Childrens Christmas tales.

We plan parties for the neighbors, and have an open house.
We are exhausted from our labors, and snappy with our spouse.
Mom watches Home and Garden Network, so she knows the proper way,
To deck the halls in GRAND style, and prepare a GREAT buffet.

The yard looks like a light show, for all the town to see.
This year we have a new theme to decorate the tree.
We spend time and too much money, Just preparing for this day,
But on the Day after Christmas--The Joy has gone away.

We awake in great depression and reality hits hard.
We have maxed out the Visa, for all that junk out in the yard.
And all of these decorations, don't have a place to store,
As the garage and attic are filled, with things from years before.

Whatever, were we thinking, What makes us go so wild?
When we really should just celebrate, the birth of the Christ Child.
It seems we get too busy to know true meaning of the day.
When God came as a baby, in a manger in the hay.

The time should not be hurried, it should be a time to share,
The love of God with others, and let them know we care.
And tell them of a Savior and how He came that night,
How the angels announced His coming, and the dark was filled with Light.

So let the Love of Jesus, be the light that shines this year,
As you prepare your Home for holidays--Let Him bring good cheer.
Make Him the "Reason for the Season", in all you do and say,
You won't be disappointed with what happens Christmas Day.



Sarah Castor said...

VERY LOVELY! I loved it and it touched my heart! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing!

Andi said...

Merry Christmas, and can't wait to see everyone!

Dawn said...

Love it!