Thursday, March 4, 2010


I kneel down here before you Lord,
At the beginning of this day,
I have so much to thank you for,
As I bow my head and pray.

Some days there are so many things
That I need to do,
Sometimes I'm in such a hurry
That I don't take time for you.

Today, I want to thank you,
For the blessings that you give,
They come through opportunities,
Family and friends.

Some days, it seems that all I do
Is wipe little tears, and noses--
And referee the water fights,
That went from water guns to hoses.

I must make sure that one cookie
Isn't bigger that another
Remind them that thy musn't hit
Their sister or their brother.
Children and then Grandchildren--Thank you for this Blessing.

Honey, Can you please come and help me
Sort the cattle through the gate?
The truck will be here shortly, and
I don't want him to wait.

But, then, He helps me run the sweeper,
And he does the dishes too.
He prays with me each morning
As we start our day with you.
My Husband--Thank you for this Blessing.

The home that I grew up in,
My parents who lead the way,
It was the place where Sisters and brothers
Learned to laugh, work, sing and play.
Family-- Thank you for this Blessing.

I have one who knows when to call me
We talk for hours on the phone.
Another stops in to see me,
When she thinks I am feeling all alone.

One baked cookies for me
When I didn't have the time
One always keeps me laughing,
Another lends a shoulder to cry on.
My Friends--Thank you for these Blessings

The Rains that we pray for,
The wind that turns the mill.
The sun shining on the prairie,
The song of a whippoorwill.

The building where I worship,
The friends that fill each pew,
These are all special Blessings
And all have come from you.
Opportunities--I thank you for this Blessing.

From my files. I might say that God has blessed me in so many ways that I cannot count them all. We take so many things for granted, but in truth---All things good come from Him.

On the lighter side---

Why do we say something is out of whack--What is a whack?
If Superman is so smart, why does he wear his underpants over his trousers?
If people born in Poland are cales "Poles" why aren't people from Holland called "Holes?"
And finally---The older you get, The better you realize you were.


Andi said...

Dang. I thought the best was yet to come...

Dawn said...

That was great! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I am visiting from Dawn's blog! Nice to meet you!