Saturday, March 20, 2010

It has been quite a week on the Ranch. All of the kids and grandkids except for one were home. We have had company for 1 week. Oh not all of them but they were all here together for a couple of days. It is nice to get together, but mostly it is nice to come home and recapture the things of your youth. You know those like Mom makes the meals, picks up, does the laundry. All that sort of thing. Now not all of them revert to that but it is just a natural thing. I know that I sometimes still do it when I go to my own Mom's and she is 87 years old. There are things that you just want your parents to do for you.

Grandpa has had quite a week of letting the little ones help him with the feeding. He lets them all drive around the pasture while on his lap. I notice that he always has a hand on or near the steering wheel too. He even let the 3 year old great niece drive. Aren't grandpa's just wonderful or CRAZY? My grandpa never let that happen. Times have changed. My kids would say "Yea, but did you really want to hitch up the team?" The Rancher spent a lot of time fishing, hunting and riding too. He had a lot of help with that. The son and sons-in-law are great with the fishing and hunting division and Andi is great on the horse. Read all about at Andi's Ramblings.

The all had a lot of stories to tell about growing up and somehow, their stories aren't always the same as I remembered them. I guess I am getting forgetful. They could not always agree with each other about how hings happened though. Dawn found a lot of old pictures and we had a lot of fun.

I thought that I would show this picture to prove that I have rode a horse or at least sit on one. Isn't that a hoot, a Ranchers wife that doesn't like to ride horses. I wasn't fortunate enough to have a good instructor like my own children and never really thought about there being a special technique until I was older and didn't wish to make that climb anymore.

We were also informed that our oldest granddaughter would be getting married in the fall and we are so pleased with the young man that she brought out to join us for a time. I guess I really have to get serious about this diet as I don't want her to be embarressed to take a picture of me and grandpa.

I know it will be quiet around here for a few days but I always think of what my grandmother said when we were all getting ready to leave her home after a big day. She had 7 children 22 grandchildren and countless greats. She would inform us that there was no need to clean up the kitchen after supper. (We would spend the entire day). She said "Now I will just be so lonely that this will keep me from missing everyone." Wasn't she sweet to say that. In reality she meant, " Now if you will all just get out of here, as quickly as you can, I can have a little peace and quiet."
Grandpa, always said that he liked the lights on the car. The headlights when everyone came home and the taillights when they left looked pretty good too. They loved us all though and I know just what they meant.


Andi said...

I love those sayings! I guess you still have one daughter at home? And, of course that son that is always there! :)

My word verification is angsti: As in, the suffering one has after their company has left, and the once clean house is now a sty!

Andi said...

Oh, one more thing: You were obviously VERY serious about riding in those cute shorts!

Dawn said...

yes, cute shorts and are our feet bare or are those sandals? :)