Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Man and A Woman

When I looked at the title that I given this blog, I had to laugh. I had typed "a moan and a woman". Funny, but maybe that is what it is. I mean, I moan and groan about some of the strange things that the Rancher does and he sure moans about my lack of ability at some of his jobs. I have to tell ya' though, how a man does some things, never sieze to amaze me.

I guess that a woman is used to multi-tasking, as when I clean off the table, I stack the plates, silverware, and anything else that I can pile on and head for the cabinet, sink or wherever. I can tuck things in my arms and the table is clean in two trips. The Rancher carries one thing at a time. He usually helps with the morning table so we can have our devotion.

He carries the jelly to the refrigerator.

He puts his pills up.

He puts the milk in the refrigerator.

He puts my pills away.

He carries his bowl and plate to the cabinet.

He carries his water and milk glass to the cabinet.

Yadda, yadda, dah... You get ethe picture. It drives me crazy. I am not going to complain though because he is doing it while I do something else.

I can have an idea about some of his work that I think would save him a lot of time. He usually doesn't pay any attention to me though because he didin't think of it.
The other day, he wanted to go to the neighbors. Before we could go, he had to check some wells. They are located between our house and the neighbors house. I suggested we just check them on our way over to their house.

"Well, I need to check some cattle on the Highway," says Rancher.

"It is also on the way and I don't mind going in the old pick-up." I reply.

At this point, I am thinking...either he doesn't want me to go with him or he is meeting someone on the sly.(not really)

I think the thing is.....a man just thinks of one thing at a time and they get it done. I always am going in a circle, trying to do too many things at once and never complete any of them. Maybe a man is right.(DON'T EVER SAY I SAID THAT) Maybe I should just take one thing off of the table at a time. Maybe them I would at least accomplish one thing between breakfast and lunch. (besides checking things on my computer)Maybe I would at least have the kitchen cleaned.

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Dawn said...

That was funny! Men couldn't be mom's and I don't see how a man could ever be a librarian!