Sunday, October 3, 2010

Along the Rio Grande

I have returned from my fabulous vacation to the Rockies. It was simply beautiful!!!
the aspens were a sight to behold. I am so glad we were able to go on this little adventure. Everything was breathtaking. I took pictures. When we were on the top of the divide looking across at the valleys below..I took pictures. The Rio Grande in all of its splendor....I took pictures. Wait a moment...What is this message on my camera? No memory? How can this be..I emptied my card on a disc before I left home and OH NO!!!! the card is at home in my computer.Am I getting a little senile in my old age? Naw, forgetful maybe, but not Senile.

Anyhow, I bought a disposable camera and have not developed the thing and my dear sister who we traveled with promised to share some of her pictures with me. She has a wonderful camera and she didn't leave anything at home. (Give her another 5 years)

We camped by the Rio Grande and were fortunate enough to be next to a stretch of railroad that had been recently opened for the tourist thing. We did not know this. The first night about dark thirty we heard a train whistle and it came to a stop. By the way, this was a jazzed up spike driver car turned touring car. It had 18 passengers and was making a maiden Full Moon run. The passengers made a rest stop at the facilities in our primitive camp area. We found out about the train rides and learned that we could go from our camp ground to Creede round trip for only $30 a piece. A little costy, but I imagine it was a beautiful ride, especially in the moonlight along the Rio Grande. The real beauty in the whole thing was the Full Moon shining on the golden aspens. It was a beautiful sight to see. I hope that I shall get to see it again sometime. The entire mountain valley was shinning at the late hour.

The next morning when we took our morning walk past the facilities in camp...we decided this was not only a a Full Moon run of the Durango and Rio Grande RR, it was really a Booze Cruze. The bottles and wine glasses told it all. I think they did have a good time though and I hope that no one fell in as they passed over the Rio Grande.

The next day, the RR car made other runs and was followed by several little cars that were once used by the section line men. Each one of them held 2 or 4 people. Now I think that would be fun and who knows, maybe next year I will pay my $30 and just ride the rail up to Creede instead of drive.

Stay tuned for another story of our adventures in the Rockies coming to Blogspot in the near future.


Paula said...

I think the rail cars sound really fun! That would offer a whole new view. Glad you had a fun trip.

Dawn said...

That sounds fun! I am looking forward to pictures!