Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Recently the Rancher and I went for our every few year eye exam. Now I go on a regular basis as I admit that I am pretty limited without my glasses. The Rancher is okay. He is not getting old... and his eyesight is okay. His trouble is with the new glasses that he got only 5 years ago and the prescription never was right.

So, we both need new glasses and guess what. He may be right...His eyes have improved 3 stages from what they were years ago. His reading range needed a little correcting but his far range vision is 20/20. Pretty good for an old guy.

Anyhow.....this is where I am going with this story. Yesterday morning after breakfast as we were getting ready for devotion, the Rancher was having a commotion and rubbing his eyes. "I can't see a thing with these glasses this morning." he informs me. "My right eye has been giving me fits all morning. After a show, I offered to read out of the Bible and the devotional book that we use. When devotion and prayer time are finished, he gathers up his things and tells me he has a really busy day and needs to be going.

Shortly after he leaves, I notice something shiny on the floor. It is the right lens out of his glasses. I called him and told him I knew why he couldn't see. I couldn't believe that he hadn't tried to clean them and noticed that. I did learn that he had dropped them when he first put them on and never thought about picking up ALL of the pieces.

Growing older is fun if you learn to laugh a lot.

While driving through Colorado we followed a large truck that had a message on it which said: STAY BACK 500 FEET....SENILE DRIVER AT THE WHEEL. I would like to have one of these if anyone knows where they are available. (I don't like to be tailgated)


Andi said...

He didn't know he was missing a lens? What a goof ball. That is too funny.

Paula said...

This story is funny, but the thought that has lingered since you shared it with me over dinner the other night is....what caused the eye improvement?

Paulette said...

Thank you for sharing this; I enjoyed the chuckle...