Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Celebrations

December is such a busy month. Not only is it Christmas but it is a month of many birthdays and Anniversaries in my family. Today is December 28, My oldest daughter and her husband were married 25 years ago today. There are mixed emotions about getting married at Christmas time. You are so busy doing Christmas, that the special time for you to celebrate your anniversary is sort of put aside until a later time. I know....I was married on December 14th. My mother, daughter, one granddaughter, 6 nieces and nephews and a brother have birthdays in December. Well my brother was fortunate enough to be born on January 1st but it is all in the same time frame. We have had other family members with anniversaries and birthdays but they are now the exfamily members. I have friends that were born on Christmas Day. That is special!!! You share a birthday with Jesus. They thought they never had a birthday though as they were too busy enjoying the excitement of Christmas.

Today I say "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' to Dawn and Leslie. And "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to Popcorn on the 30th. You know that I am going to be busy the next few days with all of my family coming home to celebrate these things. It is the time that we will have our "Holiday Celebration". We have so much to celebrate and a lot to be thankful for.

On the lighter side...When you are young, you have aspirations that never come to pass, as we age, we reminiscence of things that never really happened. And that my friends is the truth.

Have a Happy New Year and allow God to be an important part of you everyday.

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Dawn said...

Thanks Mom! We have had a great day!