Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bring them Down

Isn't this just a neat picture. We were so blessed to watch them bring these "woolies" down from the high country. Summer was over and they were taking them to a different location for winter.

We had a small sheep herd at one time. The Rancher has tried about everything. We had 100 ewes and it was an experience. I am sure some of our neighboring confirmed cattlemen would never agree that there could be anything good about them. Our children learned a lot with them. One thing in particular was how to move fast when one particualr ram was around.

I never did care for mutton. I guess that makes me a true cattle rancher. They did bring us in a profit at a time when we needed it though so it was something we were thankful for.

The preditors soon learned when lambing season was and our years as sheepherders was short lived.


Andi said...

Neat Picture! Look at you loading pictures to posts and everything!

Dawn said...

I looooooooved the sheep we had. And I love the picture too!

Paula said...

"I looooooved the sheep" says the daughter that didn't have to gather the eggs and get knocked down by Nixon on a regular basis. LOL

Great post!