Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I did on a Snowy Day

Do you recognize this beautiful movie star? Probably not unless you are on the upward side of 50. This is Doris Day. She was one of my favorite entertainers when I was growing up. Doris was a star, and she, along with many others, helped me to pass many hours on a snowy afternoon. I grew up before Barbie came along. Barbie did evolve about the time that I was in High School but alas, I was too old, and besides she was sort of a "risque" looking character and I didn't want to have to compare myself to her.

I loved buying paper dolls. I saved my pennies and when a new star was born, there was usually a book of "paper dolls" promoting her for just 15 cents at the local variety store. In my collection I had dolls of Jane Powell, June Allyson, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Vera Mills, The Lennon Sisters, Annie Oakley along with Dale and Roy. I also had Felicia Farr, I love the name Felicia. Dolls from the circus, Country Cousins, and fashion dolls of the fifties. Oh and don't forget the Bridal Party.

They all wore the latest fashions and had many changes of clothing. I would take my time punching the cardboard dolls out and cutting out their clothes. I kept them all in a large shoe box. We didn't have plastic storage boxes and even if we did, why would we buy one???

When I married and left home, my mother, not knowing any better, gave my paper dolls to my neice. After all, I was a grown woman and didn't have a need for them. I still think about all of the fun that I had with my friends and cousins and even by myself when I would get out the shoe box and let my imagination go.

I looked for sites to buy authentic paper dolls and who knows, I might just put them on my Christmas list for next year. Today looks like a good day to play.


Andi said...

I think that Doris Day looks pretty risque! My girls Barbie paper dolls are a bridal party...Of course they are MY old paper dolls, but they still provide hours of entertainment for them!

Dawn said...

I love it!