Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nothing to write about

I have nothing of interest to write about so I will get out one of my editions of "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader". Do you have any of these wonderful books in your house. I used to purchasae them each year when I worked at school and the "Book Lady" would come around with her books.

This wonderful book of knowledge, that no one really cares about, can be picked up and read at random and laid back down without regrets. It is good for a few laughs though and is a great book for the person who needs to read while they are taking care of business.


Suburbia--Where they tear down the trees and name streets after them.
Support Bacteria, it is the only culture that some people have.
My Reality check just bounced.
And what about--The older we get the better we realize we were.


You know how we Americans are about things that belonged to celebrities? They will try to sell us anything and sometimes the joke is on us.

Did you know that Bat Masterson, the legendary Wild West lawman became a New York sports writer. Because he needed the money, he reluctantly agreed to sell his famous six gun---the "gun that tamed the West".

The truth is he actually bought and sold old guns at pawnshops and junk stores and carved notches in them (one for each kill) and sold them to admirers for a tidy profit. Each time, he swore it was the authentic gun he'd used in Old Dodge City.

And for the last bit of information----

"I had a dog named Duke. Every fireman in town knew that hound, because he chased all the firewagons. They knew the dog's name, but not mine, so the next thing I knew, I was Duke too. I was named for a danged dog!" John Wayne

So much for that, I will do better next time.

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Andi said...

Better than Unlce John's??? Impossible!