Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a Bird Watcher!

I am blessed to live in the country. I often think about moving into town as we get older but I have a hard time looking over rooftops when visiting at my daughters and I know that I would have to live where I could enjoy the outdoors.

This morning as I drank my coffee out on the porch I enjoyed so many birds. I have to keep the water going on a regular basis to water our many trees and the grass. We have worked for years to get trees to grow on this hill and they are filled with my bird friends.

I watched the oriels, finches, robins, cardinals, doves, flycatchers and swallows as they watered and flew through the yard catching insects. I listened to the mocking birds sing. I saw a humming bird drinking nectar from my flowers in the front yard and put out a feeder. I don't know if it is still around but I guess if the feeder empties, I will know. Yesterday, I had some blue buntings. That was a first. I also enjoy the scissor tails, meadow larks, painted finches, blue jays, and flickers and brown thrashers. I can identify these birds with the book about birds of Oklahoma that my daughter gave to me. It has been a help when we are camping. When we are at the lake we enjoy listening to the whippoorwill as they call out in the late evening.

There are also birds in my yard that annoy me. We have so many ring necked doves. They are larger than a mourning dove and smaller than a pigeon and have a raspy call. They also fight with the other birds. They are not listed in my book as they are new comer's The grackle is another bird that is on the ornery side. I do enjoy watching them strut around in the sprinkler with their head in the air though. What a snooty, proud thing they are. There is also a pair of crows nesting north of the corrals. They are quite curious and..... thieves. They will pick up anything shiny left laying in the driveway that is easy to carry.

I have to tell the guys that the quail that come into my yard are my quail and off limits when hunting season comes around. They agree at the moment, but I know if these little birds get past the shelter belt, they are in free range. That is life though. The old cock pheasant doesn't come into the yard but he sits across the road and shows his colors. I enjoy listening to his call too.

I need to get ready to go spend time with my siblings and families for a few days .We enjoy a nearby park where there are a lot of birds. If I get lucky I might even see a painted bunting or something else that I have not marked in my book yet. Get out your binnoculars, a good bird book and enjoy yourself. It is a wonderful hobby.


Paula said...

You have the perfect place for bird watching...I wish I were there sipping coffee now.

Andi said...

Me too Paula!