Friday, May 20, 2011


Have you ever swung through the air on a trapeze? Me neither, but I have flipped over on the monkey bars in the park with the greatest of ease and missed and landed below with a broken arm. This ended my desire to be a circus performer.

Have you ever been able to do a flip off the high dive board or a double jack knife? Me neither, but I have went off the high dive and nearly lost my bathing suit top when the force of the water unfastened the strap. After that I only wore one piece suits. Do they still have a high board at the Gage Beach? That is where I learned to swim.

Have you ever went surfing in the ocean and thrilled at the giant waves coming in. Me neither, but I have water skied at the lake and loved to go faster and faster until I got older and older.

Have you ever went skinny dipping? Me neither. I don't think girls do that but the boys do and they can really jump in the water when they are accidentally discovered by someone hiking down the river.

Have you ever wanted to go up in a space ship and look at the earth from the heavens? Me neither, but I have laid in the darkness of the night and watched the satellites move across the sky and the meteors as they charged against the sky.

Have you ever eaten a foot long on Coney Island and been a part of the crowd ? Me neither but I have ate many hot dogs and marshmallows roasted on the open fire with my kids and grandkids. I was thankful for the fun we were having and listening to the laughter of each one.

Have you ever shopped at Sac's on 5th Avenue? Me neither but I have shopped the thrift stores and bargain centers and was excited when I found something with a label from there that was my size.

Have you ever ran out of anything to post about and been at a loss for something interesting to write. Me too!! And that is why you are reading this post.


Paula said...

I'm glad you had "nothing" to write about. It was a very interesting and fun post.

Andi said...

One of my favorite posts ever!!! Loved it!

Dawn said...

I love it! You wore a two piece???? where's the pictures?