Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seven Things About Me.

I recently received an assignment from the youngest daughter..The Nurse, to post seven things about me that you might not know. Well, in fact there are probably a lot of things about me that you don't know. There are some things that I don't want you to know. Some things are better left to myself.
I will share some things though, such as the fact that I hate Root Beer and Licorice. I don't know how and why such things could have ever been invented. It is a good thing I don't like them because I can say there is something I don't like. I like most everything edible. Some things are better than others but I am not picky. I guess that would be number 1.
The second thing you might not know is that I am not fond of escalators. I am sure there is a name for that fear. I am afraid I will put my foot on the wrong spot and stumble and make a fool of myself. I have always been that way. My smallest grandchildren delight in them and I cringe as I place my size 11 shoe on the step and take off. Maybe that is the clue.....a size 11.
I also like old movies. Just the other day I was thinking about a movie made in the early 50's called Moonlight Bay starring Doris Day and and Gordon McRae. it was on the TCM network this weekend. I was excited. I loved Doris Day. Whatever happened to her?
The fourth thing you might not know about me is that I procrastinate. Okay so everyone knows that. I just have so many things to do that I just take one day at a time and never get ahead. I always think I will get it done and end up burning the midnight oil once in awhile. A good thing came out of it though....My daughters are all very efficient. Didn't I do good. Maybe I just overextend my own abilities.
I went to school with people who became famous. Jane Jayroe and Jimmy Webb were in High School with me. Jane became Miss America, a news reporter, author, promotes Oklahoma Tourism...the list goes on....and Jimmy Webb. Oh Jimmy he has so much talent . He has written so many songs that are my favorites. He was an accomplished pianist in HS and the unknowing girls quartet that I sang in thought we had to have another girl to play for us. Weren't we stupid. He did play for us as we sang in the student center. He even wrote a song for my friend who I think he must have loved at the time. That would be number 5.
number 6...I am worried that I am getting more like my mother. That is not a bad thing but I just don't want to get out and go shopping anymore. I used to like to shop some but not at Christmas time. I always loved to look through the pages of the catalog and plan what I would order and not be tired from looking in all of the stores. Looking at the screen on a computer and going from one site to another is not the same as flipping pages and turning the corners down.
I love digging in the dirt. I love the smell of freshly turned, moist soil. I loved to drive the tractor when the ground was just right. I like seeing what will grow from a small seed. I marvel at the wonder of God's plan and how one tiny seed can grow into a giant tree. That is 7 and enough said.
What are seven things that I don't know about you????


Paula said...

It's probably a good thing you friend didn't return Jimmy Webb's love. He would have stayed there and the world would have missed out on such beautiful music.

I see that I came by my dislike of shopping honestly.

Dawn said...

I'm turning into my mother....I'm overwhelmed by the choices, so gift shopping is perilous!