Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. For 48 years we have shared our lives together. We were just a couple of kids 7 months out of high school when we wed. There was no need to wait. The Rancher always wanted to be a rancher and farmer and I always knew I would be a ranchers wife. After all these years I love him even more than I did then. You know I think young people don't really know what love is until they go through a lot of things in life. Love is what withstands all of the ups and downs, ins and outs, laughter and tears, and the happy times and sad ones. We have been through a lot of these things.
We have had a partnership from the beginning. I learned how to do all of the things that were necessary to be a partner in this operation and he helped me with the kids and house. This wasn't so in the beginning . One day the Rancher complained about never spending time with the kids and I thought that I never had a break from them. He taught me to drive the tractor and I would go to the field while he worked around the shop or spent time with the kids. This was usually for about 4 hours a day. In time, the kids got older and I could just farm all day if I wanted to. That was okay as he had a off farm job by that time and, we were partners.
When we were dating, I thought my sweetie was really in the money, I learned that he had spent it all on me before we were married. We had a short honeymoon at a nearby town and ate shrimp and steak for our meal. I had a conversation with a friend this summer and she mentioned where they had spent their honeymoon and where they ate their first meal and I had to laugh.....We had been to the same place.
If you are reading this my dear husband, Thanks for all the fun. It has been great and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it with you. You know the song,"Livin' on Love". That's us, two old people....Where did the time go?


Dawn said...

Happy anniversary to my most wonderful Parents!! Love you so much!

Andi said...

Isn't your anniversary tomorrow? I'm always behind, so it's totally possible I missed it.