Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Brand New Year

Well, almost. This is day #5 and I haven't been on the computer for a week. A Windstorm played havoc around here and we had a power failure. I had to have a new black box from the phone company.

This is a new year. I looked at the calendar and all of the pages are clean except for 2 Dr.'s appointments. We have a fresh start. I hope that I do better this year. What I mean by that is...I hope that I do my best. You see sometimes I don't. I sort of blunder along and put things off until later. The first thing I is sometimes too late to get them done. I just procrastinate too much. I did so much better before I retired. I knew that I had to do things in an allotted time and I made lists. I find myself just thinking, "Well, I will do that tomorrow." It doesn't always work. Tomorrow is full too. I am going back to lists and stick up notes. Oh, and I must remember to read them. What good are they if I don't read them???

I also want to try some new things this year. Be a little more flexible. Maybe do somethings that I used to do. Did you know that I paint. Not the walls, silly but I can really paint with oils and acrylics. I just put them away one day and haven't had them out in years. I decided that I had enough pictures and I don't want to sell them. Who would buy my paintings?? I guess that I could do the Esty thing that my granddaughters do. I would need one of them to be my business manager though. I also love to sew and used to love to create things for my family to wear. I even bought a new sewing machine and I cannot learn all of the things that it can do. I wonder what made me think I needed to try to embroidery with a machine when I have unfinished hand embroidery projects in a drawer.????

A New Year makes us want to do reform our ways. I learned a long time ago not to make resolutions. Those things are a joke. Another one of the things that I would procrastinate about. I never did set any unreachable goals though. I guess I could try to not gain more than 5 lbs. Now that would be something that would work for me. Not gain too much weight. I did not say...Lose weight. I would like to do that but the realistic thing to say is I hope I won't gain any weight.

How about you?? Have you set any unreachable goals or are you going to be realistic and just try to be a better person in what you do. I think that is the best way to be.

Have a great year and glorify God in whatever you do and you will be a success.

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Dawn said...

I never make resolutions--that would just be setting myself up for failure! Paint! Give them away! Learn to use your machine! You can do it!