Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lessons in January

January..Winter...Long nights and short days....Lazy?....or in a rut...Winter Blahs.....there has to be an excuse somewhere for me. I am content to take a nap everyday and sometimes sleep later than I should. The Rancher is kind and gets up and puts the coffee on and patiently waits for me to WAKE UP AND SMELL IT. I do get up and we have our morning devotion as we enjoy our cup of caffeine. The Rancher makes his coffee a little on the mild side. I tell him that I could read the date on a dime if there was one at the bottom of the cup. He doubts it and smiles. I know that he likes his coffee like that and that is the reason he makes it. He doesn't really let me sleep to be sweet.....He likes to make the coffee.

I like my coffee with a little more robust to it. I make it a little stronger but it doesn't compare to what daughter Nurse creates. I let her make it when she is here if I dare. She has worked in hospitals too long and for some reason she thinks one should be able to get a jolt when they take the first drink. She uses 1 tablespoon ..Yes that is tablespoon per cup. I calmly pour a halp cup of coffee and add water to full it up. The Rancher either refrains and makes another pot or fixes 3/4 cups of water and adds her coffee to it. We can all be happy when she makes it. She is never happy with mine and can't even understand why her dad calls his Coffee.

Back to my Winter attitude. I have been reading. That is something I haven't done for awhile. I enjoy reading Christian novels and historical novels. I will write one someday. Really.....I have started but that was several years ago. I found it while doing some deep cleaning and wondered if I should start writing again. I still have the story in my mind but I am not very good with how I want to say somethings. I suppose that my daughters who are teachers, librarians and professors could help me. I don't know that I even want them to know about my ambition though. I think they think I am not overly ambitious sometimes. They are young and full of energy. I have been where they are and envy how productive and energetic they are. Growing older and being on medication is not for babies. Some of this medication breaks down my muscle tissue and some of it just zaps my energy. Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Maybe this is a hardtime of year because I am remembering my Mother. She left a year ago to be with Jesus and I know that is a part of my attitude problems. I am trying to be happy about that though. She is in a wonderful place. I wear a piece of her jewelry every day and think about how she looked with it on and use her dishes and remember the good meals that she fixed on them. I am trying to celebrate her life this month. the librarian made me a pin to wear using some of moms clothing scraps. So what am I complaining and being weary about? It is a New Year. A time to start all things over. Set new goals and be happy for the things that God has blessed us with.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says: Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new. That's the key...start over and let Christ be my guide and lift me up.


Paula said...

Write Mom write!!!!! Please do this for us er um I mean yourself. You are so incredibly talented and an amazing story teller. WRITE!
BTW...they recommend that you set your minimum daily goal at 1000 words so get to writing! ;-D

Andi said...

And thus Paula is giving you an assignment...Speaks the professor.

Dad doesn't drink coffee. He drinks warm coffee flavored water.

Dawn said...

Seriously? You don't want us to know you want to write? Too late. We knew before you confessed to the Internet world! Do it! And about that coffee--read the instructions! Andi makes it like the can says to! What good is caffeine in the morning if you're not kind of shaky?? And it will jump start your writing brain. But you will have trouble hitting the correct keys on the keyboard.....