Monday, January 23, 2012

Something has happened to my blog.  I don't recognize it anymore.  All of my labels, pictures and the all about me info is at the very end of my list of blogs.  I do not know how to put them back in order.  I am sure there is a way but I haven't found it.

I have been busy.  My older granddaughters are keeping all of us busy.  One is building a house and the other is getting married.  I am happy for them but I fear it is a bit much for their parents all at one time.  Now if the other 6 don't have any major happenings for at least 6 months it will be okay with me. Come to think of will be graduating from high school in May. 

Building a new house is a major undertaking.  The Rancher and I did this in our second year of marriage too.  Our house was small by toady's standards.  It was only 1200 Sq. ft. We were so proud of our little bungalow.  We out grew it soon though as 4 children came to bless our home.  We added on.  Now this was not a new add-on...It was an old house on one of the places we had bought. It was a small structure but the extra 700 sq.ft.  made our house seem like a mansion.  It is still home, and I am happy here.

Building a house takes a lot of nerve too.  There are so many things to consider.  It is hard on marriages and relations with all of the relatives that tell you how to do things.  Oh, I know we were really too young to know what we were doing but I did know where I wanted my windows and that I wanted to sit at the table and look outside.  That didn't happen.  I hope that my granddaughter is strong about how she and her husband want things and then if things aren't quite right, they can only blame themselves.  I wish them all of the luck in the world and I know this is not a new thing for Jake. He is from a family of carpenters.

Saturday, there was a family paint party at the house that Molly and Josh are moving into.  We had a great crew and painted 4 rooms and a large hall and bath.  Paneling had to be primed and two coats of paint plus all of the trim.  There was a lot of taping going on.  It was a fun time.  I have a hard time getting used to different colors.  I know that my Mom would love the dining room and living room though as hers were of that color too.  She also loved bright colors. I know that she is smiling down from heaven at the grey walls that adorn the front room.  Now if Molly will only paint the front door RED!

To top all of this off, I have been on a carpenters list since last summer to have my bathroom remodeled.  We need a new shower, new floor and the flooring in there and my utility have been there since 1978.  Good stuff.  I was told to get something that would last but hey, I am tired of it.  It is time for an overhaul and I don't mean me.  Well, probably me but that ain't gonna happen.  So next week the carpenters are coming.  I need to find a place to put my junk so they can clean out and start.  This old house is getting another face lift.  I am excited. 


Marilyn said...

Well, look what happened, everything is back in order. How did that happen?????

Andi said...

I think the door should definitely be red...Or even turquoise!