Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Refrigerator/The extended Warranty

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a new refrigerator. My old one was making a noise and I told the Rancher it might be time to get a new one. He still thinks we have a "NEW" refrigerator. "It has ice and water in the door, and We haven't had it that long." landed on my deaf ears when I observed a picture of granddaughter #1 sitting in the high chair in front of it. She is now 20 years old. The refrigerator is NOT new. It had a good life and it is time to retire it to the utility. I assured him that it would hold all of his Vet supplies and Dr. Pepper and whatever else he wanted to put into it. I would only need it for holidays when I did a log of extra cooking.

Being the patriotic person that I am, we went to Sears. I am told that they are kind to their employees who are in the Guards and deployed. They take care of their families. this is a good selling point to me and I know that they do make a good product. At least I hope that they do.

With the purchase of this wonderful 3 door, freezer on the bottom, refrigerator of my dreams, came a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Oh well, in all of these years, I have never had to have a warranty honored and I trust that I won't now but......

Today in the mail I received a letter from Sears.....Would I like to purchase their MASTER PROTECTION AGREEMENT for as little as $8.50a month. Didn't I think that I deserved all of the coverage that a Master protection Agreement would provide. What do they mean by this???
Isn't their product good enough that they don't believe it will be running after one year? With this plan, their will be no charge for parts or labor, and they will provide an annual maintenance check at my request. Of course I will have to pay the mileage for the 60 miles that I live from the nearest store or load it up and haul it to town.

To say the least I said a prayer over my refrigerator and declined the offer. Oh but I have 6 more weeks to think about it. Thanks but no Thanks Sears. I may be sorry but you can think of another way to make money off of suckers like me. You see, I am a sucker. I later was in the little hometown appliance, furnitures, flooring and you name it store and saw a Crosley refrigerator. Now what was I thinking, I own a Crosley washer and dishwasher. they are fine affordable appliances. I have had each for several years and no problem. The thing that really ticked me off was what I saw on the door of the refrigerator: 10 year warranty......... Well
I could write a book on the lessons that I have learned from Hindsight.

I do enjoy my refrigerator and I believe it will be okay but, Why isn't Sears proud enough of their product for it to merit a 10 year warranty without purchasing one??????


Dawn said...

I thought you hated your washer?

Andi said...

Mom, you HATE that washer!

Don't you know that you should never EVER look at another appliance once you've purchased. THAT is what leads to buyer's remorse!

Ellen said...

Interesting!! Last week, I got new refrigerator which got from AJ Madison... It works fine... I just love it...