Monday, November 29, 2010

Is it Christmas ALREADY?????

When I was a child, December was a long time coming. Maybe because it was hard to try to be ever so good. I knew that I had to be on my best behavior as Santa might fill my stocking with nothing but rocks or coal if I was naughty.

Now, as I approach Old age (did I say that?) December comes about every 3 months. No kidding, I just get over thinking I did a pretty good job on gifts this year when it is time to start over. I love Christmas and the season it represents but someimes I don't like what it has become.

There are sooooo many things. And that is just what they are....THINGS. At this age in my life, which is really middle age, (tee hee) there is nothing that I really need. Now my grandchildren all need things. Most of them, I don't even know what they are and I am not into technology enough to even find out. I know every year I go through this.

I love that the little ones really don't know about all of the Things that are available. They are happy with what they get. As they get older, I try to get something they really want, but there comes a time when Money is the answer. It is always the right size and color and they hardly ever want me to take it back.

Myself, There is nothing that I really want. I have so much clutter that I have become attached to and my house is just not that big. I guess what I really want is for the season to be what God intended it to be. A celebration of the birth of a Savior. I am so thankful for this gift. It is also one size fits all and once you have it, you won't send it back. God gave of Himself and that is the most wonderful gift of all.


Paula said...


BTW...Don't know if I told you, but Dead-Eye would realy enjoy nothing but money this year because then he would have enough to buy the inflatable boat he has picked out...the one his parents won't get him and the one his parents will NEVER let him take out on his own. We asked if he would enjoy playing in it in our backyard. LOL

Dawn said...

Amen. I am interested in the grandchild who wanted you to take money back....