Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs of Spring

One of the first signs of spring on the ranch is the arrival of the Kildeer birds. I can almost mark my calendar for their arrival as it is usually on the first of March, without fail. How they keep on schedule is a mystery to me but I always begin to look for them on that day. This year on the first of March, we were not at home but camping at a State Park Lake. That was the first day, we noticed the Kildeer running along the water. Maybe he had been there all along, but I especially looked for them at that time. When we arrived back home, the little brown and white bird was running aroung the feed bales as they do every year on their return. This is also where they nest. I think it is a safe place away from the cats. "Im Here, I'm Here", they announce as they take flight, steering us away from their territory. This is where they will lay their brown speckled eggs in a rock and gravel nest. Pretty primitive, don't you think?

I am a bird watcher. I was so excited that my Nurse daughter found a new bird book for me, listing all of the birds in Oklahoma. At least the author thinks it is all of them. I am not sure though as a birds habitat changes with the times. What was once rarely seen in this area has became a regular summer resident. I am thankful. Thanks for the new book dear daughter, I am enjoying it.

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