Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Read This Book

I enjoy reading. My favorite books are historical novels. Several years ago I started reading Chritian historical novels. I love them. My daughter who is a librarian suggested that I sign up to review books for Bethany House. I received my first novel last week, It is by Kim Vogel Sawyer, who is a retired school teacher turned author. The book is titled Courting Miss Amsel,
This is the story of a young women who followed her dream to be a school teacher in the late 19th century. As the oldest child in the family she had been the one to raise her younger siblings. Her father was against her ambition and never encouraged her in anything.

When Edythe was finally able to persue her dream she was hired to teach in Walnut Hill, Nebraska. She followed a teacher who was stern and did not believe in sparing the rod. Her method of teaching was a delight to the children but questionable to some of the parents who thought the children were spending too much time on learning foolishness.

When Edythe arrived in Walnut Hill, she was seeking a new way of life and left behind the obligations of raising a family. What she found was a new family to love. Joel Townsend, a young bachelor who was raising his young nephews, had his eye on Edythe from the first time he met her. The most important thing that Edythe found was a relationship with Jesus. Edythe boarded with a wonderful christian woman named Mrs. Kinsley. As Edythe went through her many trials of teaching in her liberated way, and worrying about the sister who showed up in Walnut Hill, Mrs. Kinsley, assured her that Jesus was where she needed to take all of her burdens.

To quote a scripture at the beginning of the book.."In the day when I cried thou answered me, and strengthened me with strength in my soul." Psalm 138:3.

As this book shows, God knows what is best for us and our plan is not always the one that He has for us. We are to listen to His calling, sometimes it is in a whisper.

Thanks Dawn for recommending this, it made my stay at the lake in the windy weather a joy.


Paula said...

So...can I borrow your book? It sounds like a great story.

Andi said...

another book reviewer in the family? and you guys are so good at it!

Dawn said...

that sounds great! You did a wonderful job on your book review!

Anonymous said...

So how can I be a reviewer?