Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I Learned From My Children

You know the old saying: " The older you get, The smarter your parents get."

I know this saying is true as I am the parent that is getting smarter. Not in a way that you might think but I am learning more each day about the antics that my now adult children pulled when they were young.

I recently learned that the family car we owned at one time was the hottest car in town. It could out drag and outrun all the cars and trucks of the guys in town. I learned this from my youngest daughter, not my son, who I knew was a hotrodder. She delighted in a good race and never wanted to lose at anything.

I also learned that the local cop did not know how to spell. When she was pulled over for failing to yield, she had to help spell the word Yield and approaching. She also was on a first name basis with the local Highway Patrol. I learned this one day while visiting with one in the local quick stop.

Seems he knew three of them by name along with the Rancher. They didn't get that thrill of driving fast from me. I drove a school bus for too many years. In reality, I was probably just lucky. The little dear never got a ticket though until she was stopped by a local lady cop in a nearby town. Seems like the charm didn't appeal to her.

And did you know that you can put your makeup on as you are driving to school or to your job. I learned this from my second daughter, when I met her one day. I have never tried it but putting on mascara while you are driving 65 miles an hour down the road is probably right up there with texting. I haven't done that either.

You also get to be on a first name basis with the people in the emergency room at the county hospital. I learned this about the 4th time of the 7 that we visited one summer. It was a summer of learning to be Evel Knevil and some was actually from helping dad.

I also learned that the oldest daughter put up with a lot of things while I was working. Sometimes she got a little perturbed and got even with them. it seems one of the younger ones got a bowl of mashed potatoes in the face for being such a brat.

My house can actually be cleaned in 30 minutes. I would leave instruction of the jobs I wanted done and about 30 minutes before I was due home, the dust would fly. I wonder why it takes me so long.

There are a lot of things I have learned, some they don't even know that I know, but someday I will tell their children in secret and get even. By the way, there were a lot of things my parents didn't know either.


Dawn said...

Hahahaha!!!!! I can't imagine that there's anything you can blackmail me with....Is there????

Marilyn said...

Probably not but my memory is ot as good as it used to be.

Paula said...

The oldest put up with a lot AND instigated a lot with her bossy ways which at some point became too much to keep quiet about. I still say if the potatoes would have been edible, they would have been eaten,I wouldn't have been complaining about putting them in a leftover container and she wouldn't have had anything to push in my face. Her husband and girlies are glad she had us to practice her cooking on...just sayin'.

Andi said...

Oh, my...some sibling rivalry there, eh? This was a really fun post. Why have I not thought to post about drag racing?

Paula said...

LOL just having some fun with her. Man I miss you all!