Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring, Spring, Spring, The Birds are Singing...........

Today was the day that I knew I had to get busy and do some yard work. This Spring has been so discouraging to me. It is dry, the wind is blowing and it is winter one day and summer the next. Where is Spring? Today was a wonderful SPRING day. A light breeze, not too hot and it is time to set out the plants that have been withering at my back door for a week.

I asked the Rancher to buy me some potting mix at the local hardware a few days ago and he obliged. Well, seems that he didn't read the bag as he brought home "In Ground Mixture" which says all of the package...DO NOT USE IN CONTAINERS. We had to make the 30 mile trip to town this morning for other things, so I bought the right stuff.

This afternoon, I got many of my containers planted and I did use the mixture that he bought and worked the ground around my Hosta bed. I still have more but I figure I can use it. I also decided I needed to move some of the rocks from another place to protect my beautiful Hostas. You see the Son has a dog that enjoys bedding down anywhere there is something damp or soft. I also have two cats that have decided that the back porch is their new home. (the youngest granddaughter loves that)

Let me tell you....Those large rocks grew over the winter. through the years I am moved them from one spot to another with no trouble at all. Not this time. I would carry one, puff and pant, and rest before tackling another one. Those babies are huge.

When the Rancher and Son came in for supper, I was not finished with my job outside. I fixed them some chicken salad sandwiches and fresh veggies to munch on. (ranchers like chicken too.) We always play some game right after supper as TV really has nothing to offer. I commented that I had to finish my job outside before it got dark. The guys followed me out and after watching me struggle with one boulder, they finished my job. I should have waited on them in the first place. All they were doing was moving cattle around. I know my job was much more important.

In reality, I did realize that each spring for the past few years, I have to really work at getting yard work done like I used to. Riding the mower and picking up the broken limbs is not a problem but lifting and digging or welding the hoe is something else. I guess that my get up and go has finally got up and went. If you find it would you please send it home!!!!!!!

Something to Think About!

Do you think that God laughs at us for digging up all the beautiful flowers that he has scattered all over the yard? A yard that is all purple and yellow with chickweed and dandelions is colorful.


Dawn said...

I think the weeds are so pretty. At first. Then they take over where I want 'flowers' to grow!

Andi said...

Ranchers eat chicken? I remember being scolded for ordering chicken as a child...He is growing up I guess!