Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I would like to change the appearance of my blog but when I went to the site that I usually go to for new gadgets......I was advised not to go there because of potential virus.

The computer is smarter than I am..I think. There are some things that I wonder about though, such as some of those little unknown words that we type to identify ourselves. What is Unwin? Does that mean that you won but not really, so you have to "unwin". Maybe it is that you didn't even win at all. Today it was stilup. Is that a misspell for "still up"? I could have a lot of fun with these words but you get the picture.

Another thing that bothers me is the spell check. Why doesn't it know what word I mean? Sometimes I spell a real word but it is the wrong word so it doesn't make sense where I use it. Am I suppossed to know everything? That is why I have a computer with spell check.

This generation of young people is the first generation to have access to the answer of almost everything. All they have to do is go to the computer. They can find the answer to it all on wikipedia Of course it might not be quite true, but it someone's idea of how it might be. Kinda scary isn't it. One might go around thinking something is fact when in FACT it is wrong.

We interupt this story for a wonderful announcement. IT IS STARTING TO RAIN. Well, at least it is sprinkling and the air smells good. How is that for a news flash?

The cardinals are at the feeder. I love to watch them as I sit at the computer. I tell myself that is the real reason that I sit at the desk. I am trying to wean myself away and get on this every few days. Really, It robs me of time that I could be doing something useful such as clean, paint wash windows and all of that. I blame not getting anything of value done, on the computer. When I sit down here after lunch it was to look for a good camping site in Oklahoma, somewhere we had not been for awhile. Somewhere to go and enjoy the fall season and fish and just kick back. Maybe we will be joined by friends and I know our children will come when they can. My intentions were good but then I got to surfing...reading blogs...Not daring to go to facebook and seeing what was news. I better get busy before the Rancher comes in. First I have to play a game of free cell and solitaire. See what happens......I am addicted....


Andi said...

Okay, how many laps did you walk on your lazy afternoon?

Why, no, I'm not going to let that drop!

Love you!

Paula said...

Yea for RAIN!!! We had some too. What a wonderful thing to make if feel as if fall has actually arrived.

Dawn said...

I loved this stream of consciousness blog!

Tomma said...

I love your blogs, Marilyn, and I love you too!!!