Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Again it is the time of year,
To sit the pumpkins by the door,
When witches, on their wispy brooms,
Across the heavens soar.
The night is dark, as legend says,
When spooks and goblins roam,
And motley crews of pirates
Take siege of every home.
There comes a rapping on the door,
A face is peering in
A pumpkin Jack o lantern,
with a leering, toothy grim.
They cry out "Trick or Treat!"
Those rascals at the door
Who come each year on Halloween,
They've all been here before.
There is a gypsy girl, a skeleton,
And Pirates I can see,
A cowboy and Darthvader,
Are looking in on me.
There comes a tramp in disarray,
His knapsack on his back,
A big black cat, his tail a drag,
With an overflowing sack.
We greet them all, who come our way,
And do our best to please,
With popcorn balls and apples
And a sack of favorite sweets.
I didn't have many tonight. Our community doesn't have so many children anymore and they often go the distance to town. We are always happy for them to stop in and see us though and the Rancher and I have fun too.


Andi said...

Great poem, Mom!

Paula said...

We all know where we get our talent from...our amazingly talented mom.

Dawn said...

I love it!!!