Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How the Heck do I do this

What have I done and who do I think I am trying to do a blog. My daughters do blogs, my granddaughters do blogs and even my son-in-law can do one, but I wonder what the heck I am doing here this morning. Actually it is almost noon, and I have been trying to get this thing started for hours. I don't know how to set up a pretty format (I don't follow instruction that are plainly printed in the Blog Help site) I am a visual person. Someone has to do it for me actually. I also wanted to print a lovely picture of the Rancher and myself but until my brain comes out of hibernation I guess that this will do.

Actually the only ones who might read this will be my loving family anyway. I love to read theirs.
I have learned things about my daughters that I never knew and probably didn't need to. Most of it comes from Andi and her ramblin's. It is listed in the things my mother never taught me. But then when I think of it, she was daddy's girl and he taught her well.

I knew that she was a true ranchers daughter. She could ride a horse, work a calf, fix fence, drive a tractor, haul hay, just about anything that her daddy asked. It was late in her growing up years that I discovered that she really could not cook. Well... she could fix pizza, a mean pan of spaghetti, and do that sort of thing, but I knew that she couldn't make gravy. What kind of a wife would she make??? All men, anyhow ranchers, thrive on gravy. Luckily she married someone that taught her how to do it. Today she is a great cook, wife, Mom and a Nurse. Way to go.

My other blogger is a reader and writer. I always knew that she would be. She tried to be an English teacher, but ended up in the library where she belonged in the first place. She could not believe that all teenagers did not love english and writing all of those compositions. Now she can advise them and if they don't do their assigned projects, well, it's not her worry. She is great at her job though and I know that she does care. She has instilled the love of books and art in her daughters and her husband is as talented as she is.

Middle daughter, where is your blog? It is a great way to keep up. Of course we know that your brother will never do this and it is probable just as well.

So much for the perils of today. Help!!!!!


Andi said...

YOU DID IT! I posted a comment on this once, but it got lost...anyway, I emailed your blog address to you!

Dawn said...

Ummm...I can't make gravy either!

Sarah Castor said...

Yeah! You Grandma! I'm so proud of you!

Diane H said...

Aunt Sue;
Keep up the good work, hopefully someday I'll catch up with you girls and create my own blog. Oh, I hate to admit it but I buy gravy mix at the store, I think its surely healthier, and my homemade gravy is lumpy and either too salty or bland. LOL.

Shelley said...

Now I know where your daughter (Dawn) gets her creative writing talent. Thanks for an entertaining blog (so far). I'm Shelley, Les' cousin, and I live in Beaver. Howdy, neighbor!

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I would love to blog, but for now just can't work it in. I can make amazing gravy though - white cream gravy that is. Brown gravy is hit or miss so that usually comes from a package.
I listed you on my favorites list so I can now check in with ease. Keep it up.

Dawn said...

I can make brown gravy at the drop of a hat--white is either gluey or runny. But that doesn't matter cause Les makes amazing gravy!!!

Haha--lets do a gravy blog!