Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tools of the Trade

Every Rancher must have it, this valuable necessity that he carries in his feed truck, tractor and has a nice pile of it around. This precious tool is called baling wire. It comes in mighty handy for repairing a lot of things. It can hold a wire on the fence when you can't find the clips and the little calves find the grass on the other side more appealing that what is in their own pasture. It is used to hold part of the implement together until you get home to wield it. It will hold a door or gate shut. There are a lot of uses for it. when we quit using baling wire and went to twine, it became necessary for us to find our wire in other places. Karl always had a pile on his truck when he went to the quick stop and we were glad to be there at the same time he was. We have also been know to go into our neighbors parts (junk) yard and salvage some of his. I hope that these men continue using it until we don't have a need for it any longer. I have told the Rancher that he could just go and buy a box of it, but that isn't an option. If we did that Karl would have to clean off his own pick up.

Another fine thing is good old Duct Tape. I will do just about anything. I have even seen some cattlemen have the soles held onto their favorite pair of boots with this elaborate embelishment.
It also plugs the crack in the grain drill, the wheat truck floor and even the hole in the tarp. It is used outdoors, indoors, on the boat, to do a quick fix on the tent, It holds the cords in place at the campsite. I have been very upset at myself for forgetting it one year when we set up camp. That was the first thing on the shopping list. A good camper also has a small roll of baling wire handy to help hold up the light, clothes line and whatever else need be.

My very favorite is WD-40. Who can live without it. You will not believe all of the things that I do with this. I use it to clean off the Bug Grease when washing the car. Clean the sticky stuff off after the label has been removed from glass. It also cleaned the floor after the Nurses new puppy got caught in the Glue trap intended for the mice. They seemed to have invaded my domain this winter. I have cleaned the grease laden kitchen in a vacated house, that was I swear 1/2 in thick. It will loosen about anything and I have even used it on my shower doors to give them a shine. It loosens the water spots on the shower and faucets. The list could go on and on. I know the Rancher has a lot of other uses. I have even heard that it will work for arthritis in the joints when you spray a little on. Oh yes, it will kill the sting of an insect and it helps the campfire to start when you spray the wood with it. Who needs fire starter?

Don't get caught without them. That's all today from the Sand Creek.


Dawn said...

so you've got three things--one that pokes, one that sticks and one that slides!

Andi said...

If it doesn't move and it should use wd40...If it does move and it shouldn't use bailing wire or duct tape! Yep, I learned that from the rancher...Who knew I could use them for household purposes?

Diane H said...

I love reading your blog, I can relate to most of it. With my Dad you would have to throw Caulking into the mess, he is always fixing the roof, a crack or a seal on something with caulking. Never a pretty sight! Gilbert use to go thru the back of his brothers truck to find baling wire. I am still finding things that are "fixed" with baling wire. God Bless his soul.
Keep it up!