Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Is Spring!!!!

I knew that Spring was here when I looked out the window and saw the Rancher and Son working my garden spot. That is their contribution to the family garden. They might put the fence back if I get firm enough about it. I rally need the fence. I need a strong one. Last year, when they took it down, they replaced it with the plastic kind that you see around many gardens. That does not work. Did you know that a hungry rabbit will eat right through that plastic if there are enticing edibles on the other side of it. The plastic had to be repaired and repaired again until I ask them to please just put up some fencing this year. We will see if this happens. Fencing is also necessary to keep my free range chickens out of the garden. I know that they should be in a pen but that is not an option.

Did you know that free range eggs provide the vitamin D that you need for one day. They are also filled with other vitamins and nutrients. My Librarian daughter told me this and she pretty much knows. I just know that they taste better.

Anyhow back to the garden. I love to plant and tend to a garden. It gives me satisfation to know that I am providing for my family. I don't plant one as big as I once did, but then, the Rancher and I don't eat as much as my family did. Maybe I should plant, prepare and can or freeze for them. My dear Aunt would have done that, as did my grandmother. I really don't can that much either, but do freeze a lot and my family does love my Salsa. If I feel like it, I may share that recipe with you when tomatoe season comes around.

Right now, I must check to see if I bought enough Okra seed. The Rancher says that he couldn't find any in town, but I know that I bought some early on. I just hope that I can find it.

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