Wednesday, March 18, 2009

While you were out--Panhandle Style!

***Since I didn't take the time to upload these pictures to my mom's computer before Sarah and I came home, I'm being her guest blogger today! We didn't remember to take 'before' pictures and didn't really finish decorating the room--just got it painted and furniture moved. Just call me disorganized, but we were so busy painting and sewing and taking pictures and exploring rat infested cellars and playing with chickens.....

Hello. My name is Dawn, the daughter of the author of "Perils." I'm a librarian, a blogger, a wife, a daughter, a mom, and this week, I pretended to be an interior decorator!

Welcome to our version of:

WHILE YOU WERE OUT (aka--you'd better stay out and just bring us iced drinks!)

This is my mom's future sewing room.

It wasn't badly decorated--just not decorated. It was filled with excess furniture and toys for the grandkids and other paraphernalia that seems to accumulate no matter what. She'd been talking about how she wanted/needed to get that room cleaned up and turn it into a sewing room. So Sarah and I schemed up a plan and spent part of our spring break playing interior decorator.

And besides--we were afraid Mom would just paint it off-white and move her stuff in and not take the time to make it fun! And cause we thought it would be fun. And cause we were spending some one else's money...And because, well, just because!

I made the curtains, but kept Mom busy pinning, pressing and of course ripping out my mistakes! Haha! It's her favorite thing to do, don't ya know!

Mom, Dad and David looked in at the room occasionally, but when the crucial detail time came, we told them to stay out! Grace and Mindy helped out by painting in shapes, adding string detail to the wall murals and standing guard!

Here's a view of the South wall. We put the sewing machine under the window.

I made yellow gingham tiebacks for the curtains.

Here's a detail of the verse Mom picked out for the wall.

Miss Arty, Sarah, kept getting more and more elaborate with 'our' plan as the day went. Here's a closeup picture of the 'thread' holding the yellow patch to the wall--She insisted on highlighting and shadow and it really looks awesome!

And here's the north wall. I actually painted the stitches on the heart--the one thing Sae let me do, considering my limited painting abilities!

And here's the reveal! Mom cried--I hope they were tears of happiness, not tears of despair thinking 'how long do I have to live with this?!?" Teehee!

I guess Mom is gonna have to take her own 'after' pictures!


Andi said...

I love it! I was online and startled to see an update on Mom's blog so late at night....Dawn posted! That explains it!

Anonymous said...

I'm the Mom and I just LOOOve my new room. My artistic my dear daughter and granddaughters deserve a lot of cheers for the job they did. Today the little granddaughters and I are going to sew. We are going to make an apron.Thank you, thank you and thanks for being my guest blogger.

Anonymous said...

I love it. What an inspiring place to go enjoy your space.
Love ya