Thursday, March 19, 2009

You've Come a Long Way Baby errr-a Grandma that Is

What an exciting week I have had. We have had children, grandchildren, Moms, sisters, nieces, nephews, we have had a lot of family in and out during Spring Break 2009. It has been a great time. If you have read the previous post which was written and illustrated by daughter #1, you will see just part of the things that went on here for a few days.

I am so excited that I have my very own room. I have never had even a room of my own, much less a sewing and craft room. For many years, all of the sewing was done in the kitchen, or dining room. There was even a time that I had to have the sewing machine in my bedroom. When the other bedrooms were full and baby #4 came along, it was necessary to move . I moved to wherever I could find a spot. I loved to sew all of the little things that my children wore. Eventually I had a big closet with doors that opened wide and lots of shelves and drawers to keep all of my supplies in. This was on an inside wall, away from any windows, but I had lights that enabled me to see in my YOUTH. Somewhere along the way, it was not fun to sit facing a wall, in a place where I could not SEE. Again I drug the sewing maching out to the table when the urge to create, came over me.

For several years, I have wanted to convert an extra room into MY PLAY ROOM. For years, it had been a place for the grandkids to play, Little People, Cowboys, Barbies, Lincoln Logs, Polly Pocket and StarWars. You get the picture. The furniture was something that didn't belong anywhere else. Some of it I had an idea for, but that would be when I had the room to myself.

This week my dream came true. With the artistic abilities of my granddaughter Sarah and her Mom, I have a beautiful room of my own. The sewing maching is in place, the rancher built some shelves in the closet and The castoff wardrobe from my friend is loaded with fabric. Today I started to sew. My granddaughter Bookworm and I made an apron. It was fun.

A lot of memories were stirred when I unloaded the old sewing closet. Fabric from dresses, playsets, suits, formals, pj's and even underwear, was uncovered. I doubt that I get that ambitious again but who knows............. I might even get out the paints and canvas again. Yea, you've come a long way!!!!!!!!!

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Dawn said...

I had never thought of the fact that you had never had your own room before! neat!