Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wednesday Mornings

Wednesday Mornings mr Rancher and I do a Bible Study at one of the community churches. He gets up and goes early to meet with other men and I go at 9:30 to meet with the women. We are from different churches, but have a common bond in that we want to have a broader knowledge of the Bible and we enjoy each other's company.

The guys meet at 7:00 and are home for a late breakfast shortly after 8:00. They have work to do. They do not dawdle around and talk. I have told the Rancher that "Since you won't eat breakfast before you leave, you better hurry home." I have Bible study at 9:30 and I don't want to be late. He likes a good breakfast to start his day and for some unknown reason will not eat before he goes. It is okay with me though because it seems that our 9:30 Study, which should last for an hour, usually lingers on for .... well, sometimes until it is past lunch time. I don't know how that happens, as a group of women ought to be more conscientious about time. But then we are women and we have a lot to talk about. Sometimes we can't even get started until it is time to quit. But who really cares, we are there for a purpose and we need that reward of togetherness. This is the country for goodness sake and we have to make all of our time together count.

We are doing a wonderful study by Jennifer Rothschild. She is such a remarkable person. This lesson is about "Walking on Faith" If you don't know, Jennifer has been blind since her teen years. She has a wonderful testimony, about her "Walk by Faith". In this she has grown to be a powerful witness for God and the ways that he uses us and the ways that he sometimes allows things to come into our lives that we cannot understand.

I would recommend this study to you. It is published by Lifeway and if you are doing a group, you will want to get the video to go with it. Just to watch her is truely amazing.

Last week, as I was spending time with my two youngest grandsons for a few days, I really got into my last week of lessons and it was such a rewarding time. I had nothing really to do while they were in school and I enjoyed that time renewing my faith and feeding my spiritual mind. Thank you God, for those blessings.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps.37:4

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