Monday, November 8, 2010


I know it is fall as the leaves are turning and drifting to the ground. There are piles of them under the China Berry and apricot trees. The Wind bent Elms selfishly hang on to theirs. The Elms on the plains are not graceful, but they bend in the wind and eventually grow in a northward arch. We have more south wind. My mother was astounded that I would let an elm tree grow on this barren hill, 45 years ago. I had planted many varieties ordered from catalogs and purchased at nurseries. Our clay and caliche soil refused to let them mature.

After many dollars, a lot of digging, and trying one kind of tree after another, I learned to appreciate what God had planted. The elm seeds drifted in from the neighbors to the south and perched in my garden, flowerbeds and right in the holes that I had dreamed of a large maple growing to shade the house. I cut them down, I hoed them up, I pulled them and even sprayed them. The maple trees died, the elms did not.

I finally gave up and moved my garden spot so the elms could grow and let God shade my yard in his own fashion. Elms and elm beatles are not my favorite but the shade that the tree offers as I sit in the swing, with a cold drink, after working in the yard is a blessing from God. He knew what would grow on the hill and I thank Him for showing me.

Over the years, we have a wonderful shelterbelt of pines and cedars. Hidden in them are mulberry, hackberry and olive trees. There are even a few locust and elms. I let them all be and enjoy the bounty of birds that visit my yard each day. Cardinals at the feeder by the window, were a blessing from God this morning.


Dawn said...

When I look at pictures of the before and after of our hill, I am amazed! You should scan and post them! I know you can do it!

Paula said...

I love the trees that you have at home. You did an amazing job of landscaping and area that did it's own thing.

I agree with Dawn regarding the before and after pics.

Andi said...

What before and after pics? And, I think I need to change my background...Even my mother is updating her look! Yoiks!