Thursday, November 4, 2010

Early Morning Trips

Starting out early in the morning, traveling down the highway, is an adventure. In our desolate area of the state, we don't worry about the traffic so much as we do the wildlife. We pray we can keep the lights on bright and it takes all eyes on the road in front of us.

Early yesterday, we needed to make a trip to the City. This is a 4 hour trip so we left very early. The deer were very cooperative and stayed on the shoulders of the road as we passed by. We had gone about 40 miles when the rancher and I both went into a panic. A skunk was running at a high speed towards our side of the road.

He went in front of us....

The Rancher was applying the brakes......

By the grace of God, we did not hear a thud, feel a crunch or smell the tell tale of our victim.

We missed him.

As we traveled home last night, I watched in the area we had encountered Mr. Skunk (or was is Miss Skunk) and there was no evidence that one had been in that area.
No road Kill.

Thank you God for letting us make the trip and not be offensive as we sit in parking lots. I think the skunk was even too scared to leave his calling card. We were blessed.


Dawn said...

That is definitely something to be thankful for! :)

Paula said...

LOL great post!

Paula said...

LOL great post!