Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Rockies in the Fall

When we visited the Rockies in September, I did not have my head on. When I started to take pictures, my camera kept showing it was out of memory. Now I knew that I had cleaned my chip up when I put it in my computer. Bingo! my chip was at home in the computer. My sister took so many great pictures and she sent them to me. He is a great picture of the colors.

Wayne enjoyed doing some trout fishing. He never caught anything but finally learned how to make the line wave in the air as he was casting it out. Almost made you think you were watching "A River Runs Through It." We had a great time. and for the life of me I cannot remember how to get these pictures where I want them. Enjoy anyhow.


Paula said...

Those are great pictures. We love fly fishing. In fact that is ALL the boys want for Christmas from us...they will be sad if that is all they get and they don't get to go but ONCE a year. Silly boys.

Dawn said...

Sounds lovely and the pictures look like postcards!

Andi said...

How lovely!