Saturday, September 17, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

Today was "Townwide Garage Sale Day" in a nearby town. It is a town of fair size and one can usually find some really neat things at a bargain. I scanned the paper and found that I could buy all types of appliances big and small, clothing, home decor, fishing equipment, golf equipment, lumber, toys, tires, dishes, books, DVD's and players, a record player, cars and every kind of furniture and even a pet or two.
I did not go. I do not need any more "things". My house is overflowing and I need to do a "cleanup" act of my own. I have no place to put anything else period. I do not have a garage, only a car port. My utility room catches all of the surplus for a year or two and then it goes to the dumpster or resale store. I do not have garage sales. I have nothing of much value to sell. If it is very valuable, I tend to hold on to it until I get sick of looking at it . At this time it becomes worthless and goes to the dumpster.
Later this afternoon, I did see that I missed a great buy on a 1963 chevy pickup. When the Rancher and I were dating, we often went out in a 1963 chevy truck. It belonged to the Ranchers dad and was his farm truck. It was blue though. I have thought about this red truck many times and do wish I had the money to own something just for fun. What I need is something a little more energy effeciant though. My suburban is only 9 years old and has only 159.000 miles on it so I think it is good for at least another 40,000 miles or more. Remember I live 30 miles from nowhere and it won't take long.
Any now, back to the garage sale idea....I am getting ready to do some remodeling and I think I just deserve something new. I will probably just pitch what I don't want unless some of the kids or grandkids want to come and clean it out and I don't think they want it either.
The real fun of garage sales is just driving around seeing people and examining all of their treasures. It is really special if you can do it with a friend. I hope all of my kids and sister-in-law had a good day because I bet they were hitting the sales bright and early in the day. I bet they found some good bargains too.


Dawn said...

I bought a brass hand mirror with an art deco looking border, a sweater for Molly to wear or sell on Etsy, a purse and a cute grocery bag--a recycled bag to carry to the store. I spent 2.75. I was pretty proud of myself!

Andi said...

I think garage sales are great. However, as my mother in law and aunt in law keep unloading "stuff" on me, I'm avoiding any place like that. I dusted the other day and thought, why do I have all of this stuff sitting out to dust around?

KatieJay said...

The town wide garage sale was awesome! I found several things that I have really needed and could use... and a couple of things that I did not need and could not use, but bought anyway.
By the end of the day I did not want to get out of the vehicle because I was scared to death I would find something else that I would want to buy!! LOL!