Saturday, September 3, 2011


This morning is beautiful. There is a gentle south breeze blowing and as the Rancher and I had our coffee and devotion on the porch, we enjoyed a shower. We called it a rain as it is the nearest thing we have had for a long time. Our part of the country is so dry!!! The temperatures in the months of July and August were in the triple digets nearly every day. I don't remember a year like this. Now it is September. Hope for cooler days and nights .
I have enjoyed the changing of the seasons and what each change brought. I didn't enjoy this Summer. It was not kind to us. It did not bring rain and the heat was unbearable in the afternoon of the day. I felt sorry for all of the creatures that had to be out in it. Maybe in my older age I am spoiled but I am glad for the air conditioner in the house and the vehichles that we travel and work in. The Rancher has made it a point to get up early each day and get the work done before it was too hot. He enjoys the comfort of the house in the afternoon too.
I have watched the birds gather to get ready for their annual trip south and I pray that the cardinals and robins will stay and entertain me for awhile. They were here all last winter so maybe this is now home. We keep the sprinkler going somewhere in the yard of shelter belt to provide water for them and the little animals that would otherwise be without water. This week we had an abundance of monarch butterflies in our yard. Not so many as in the past, so maybe this is just the local ones gathering. I have seen them as thick as the orange leaves of fall when they stopped for a day or two of rest as the migrate south. Our yard is protected and we have been blessed to see them on their journey.
It will be a hard winter for the birds that stay here as there is not any weed seeds. Isn't that funny??? We fight the weeds but when there are none, we know that the quail and other wild birds will have a struggle. We will have to put out extra seed for them. This can be a blessing for us if the barn cats stay where they belong.
Maybe I will be more inspired to write. This summer has not left much to write about except heat, drought and fires. You can learn all about it in the news. This morning with a gentle shower gave me hope that the days ahead will be cooler and wetter. September.....the beginning of a new season.

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And today is beautiful! I love that the kids have only come in for meals!