Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let the Rains Come

The weatherman out of Oklahoma City said we "could" have rain for the next several days. I am going to think positive about this. It has been so long since we have had a good rain. While the Rancher and I had devotion on Saturday it showered enough to connect all of the rain drops on the sidewalk. We were excited, we called it a rain. It was a lovely shower and made everything smell better for a short time.
Our land is so parched and we cry out for rain in our prayers. We don't understand why one area has flooding and we have nothingl They are wondering the same thing and pray for God to hear our prayers and send the moisture to us.
God is in control though and He does not forsake us. When the time is right, we will have rain. My patience is short though and I hope the time is tomorrow.
I read in the paper where the southwest part of the state has had over 100 days of 100+ temperatures. I can tell you this much....Yesterday when it cooled down to 92 degrees, I though it was cool. That was still pretty hot. I am anxious to see if it will be a high of 60 degrees on Thursday in our area. That is what one computer model says. How do they know all of this anyhow?
My dad had a plain old rock that he used to check on the weather. It was suspended on a leather strap in a tripod.
If it was moving....it was windy.
If it was wet...........it was raining.
If it was white........it was snowing.
I am sure there was some more thoughts connected with that rock but let me say this....It might have been just as accurate as the computers that they use today. At least it didn't cost anything.
With all of that said.....We do need rain. The folks on the East coast do not. People in Texas where there are so many fires need rain. The folks further east in the trail of Hurricane Lee, do not. Continue to pray for Rain. God wants to hear from us.


Andi said...

If it is moving in a circle...There is a tornado

Marilyn said...

I forgot that one. Thanks.

Paula said...

Oh the weather rock. I loved that.

We are praying for rain always. We did get a shower last night and that was VERY appreciated.

Dawn said...

Praying for rain and other wondrous blessings for you. le