Monday, January 4, 2010

And then there were None

The Bobcat won!! Or maybe it was the Coyote, I am not sure but yesterday the last of my chicken flock disappeared. There were only 4 and they were getting old but I enjoyed them. Two years ago when the Rancher and Son came home from town with 24 baby chicks (all pullets) I was in total shock. We had not had chickens on this Ranch for years. We still had a chicken house, feeders, waters, brooder so why not chickens? I should have known when Son, cleaned out the old coop and brought fresh straw and sand in that they were up to something. They brought a lovely assortment of 23 chicks. They argued there were 24 but one must have flew the coop before they got home as I only had 23.

I enjoyed watching them grow and loved the beautiful brown eggs that they produced. They grandchildren ran for the chicken house everytime they thought of it to bring in the fresh eggs. For awhile there were more than we could all use. I gave them away, as I wanted to share the gift of abundance that the Lord had provided. Alas, that will be no more. I had to buy eggs before Thanksgiving and was shocked at what they cost. Now I will be planning on getting a new flock of chicks in the Spring and building a more sturdy fence.

The Bobcats, racoon, and Coyotes all were the ruin of my little flock. No matter the time of day, they were not afraid to approach in the shelter belt and pick out their favorite meal. They even devoured my last guina fowl. Not all of them escaped the traps that the Rancher and I set out but some are very sly and returned time and again.

Maybe if I don't get more chicks, I can talk The Rancher into going on more little trips in the 5th wheel. After all I won't have so many chores. Never mind---He informed me that He didn't get rid of the Cows. One can always dream-----


Dawn said...

Hah! Poor birds.

You do have a chair like mine--you just have to 'nest' in it!

Sarah Castor said...

haha! Well those chickens provided lots of photographs for me! lol! We will miss the birds as well. I think you should get another set! Of course I would think that since I don't have to take care of them! lol

Andi said...

Aawww.. The girls will miss them. And so will my dogs!

Southern Gal said...

Hi. I'm here from Andi's blog.

I have friends who have chickens. One finally put chicken wire on TOP of the coop to keep the foxes out.

You have a beautiful family. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs.